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Our review on the Samsung Galaxy Note:
When I went to meet with Samsung to pick up the Galaxy Note, I was told something that I kept in mind throughout my last week or so with the phone. "People freak out and say it's too big until they pl...
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everyone is talking about Samsung Galaxy Note. I just have a regular Samsung phone, not with all the fancy gadget features/widgets...
iR Khan
i have got one. its fantastic
My GF picked up a Nexus 2 days ago, on my advice :-) she was going to get the iphone 4s, anyway, it arrived and she immediately said she did`nt like it as it was way to big, asked her how she felt this morning, her words were.... its delicious!
+George Barnick Now that you mention it, if I'm taking the time to make digital notes I want them typed -- not digital images of my hand writing. Good point.
I, too, prefer typed text to my own handwriting. However, this sounds ideal for equations and diagrams.
+Charles Dye my Note understands my handwriting and digitizes. I wont't miss it for a minute!
I'll be happy to take the Note off your hands if it doesn't work for you - it's everything I've ever wanted in a smartphone. I rarely talk on the phone, but I want to text, email, and surf quite a bit. Basically I want a tablet that will fit in my pocket and that's what this is. I'm sold.
I just got a Note yesterday and am loving it. It is huge which takes a bit of getting used to (holding it in your hand) but most of what I do with my smartphone is consuming content, so I love the large display. Also easier to type when the keys are bigger. But yes, you can't really use it with just one hand.
Agree I want mini-tablet, 4G speed, not dependent on wifi alone.
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