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"I’d like to address the best way to love something unequivocally without looking like a freak."
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Loved the article Mr. Biggs!

The Tesla issue cranks my gears the wrong way, because even though the electric and li+ battery tech is in its infancy, the media reports as if the venture to discover new tech and develop any new innovation isn't worth the trouble if it's not perfected and outperforming existing tech immediately.

For christ sake, I was watching the news, I think it was Fox, and they were strangely eager to declare the NYT article the last nail in the coffin for all alternative energies outside petroleums...CNBC had a whole thing about it that seemed weirdly politically based rather than results based.

So your point about fanboys applies to tech, food, politics....I know guys that would defend White Castle, even if each slider was piss soaked. In politics, its not uncommon for fringes to believe they know all that is possible to know, and look at party affiliation as more identity based than idea based.

Fanboys are good, and fanboys are bad. Upsetting fanboy equilibrium could lead to widespread agreement and mutual consensus...which would be disastrous.

Failing gracefully is way more respectable than taking the slow, painful route of gradual epiphany that exacerbates the side effect of chalking up your complete ignorance to company failure.

A good product is a good product. Even if your guy didn't make it.
Everyone has a different relation to personal tech....some want the best hardware, others want the most expensive, some want ease of use....and all of us defend our relation to tech through our degree of "fanboy" behavior. This shit can get real deep.

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