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Target wants your business, bad. Now price matches Amazon, Walmart․com, BestBuy․com & Toyrus․com
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Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Oh... it's on!!! 

Well, now that Amazon charges tax, the game has gotten a lot more doable for some of these retailers. 
S Mann
Ooh snap!!!
Consumers benefit from competition like this.
And the race to the bottom begins. Prices go down, they all make less money, workers have to be let go. Which leads to dropping prices even more to get business, they all make less money ... the cycle renews.

But hey! Awesome for us! We get lower prices.
Thing is... most people don't really use price match offers. This is just Target trying to make up for a few lost sales, as mentioned in the article.

This isn't a race to the bottom; if they were lowering their prices for everyone (including people who didn't know it was cheaper on Amazon), then that would be a race to the bottom. This, however, is just competition.
Good. Maybe they will earn enough money to finally hire people full time instead of working them like dogs with no benefits. 
So does that mean more products from china? More American jobs outsourced to different countries? Labor and factories in America shutting down? Just curious
Ohh and let's not forget stomping on small business...
Raed S
I actually bought many items from Target during the holiday season at Amazon's price which was about 60% to 75% off target regular price. All I had to do is scan the item with Amazon app and they immediately matched the lowest offer.
I think Target should buyout Best Buy. 
Ok this isn't even a big deal. Like the target near me barley even carries any electronics at all. They really can't compete with Amazon. lol
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