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I think it is. I am typing this comment using swipe based keyboard. My home screens customizations are heavily gestures based. 
GestureControl is the third app I install, after Titanium Backup and Tasker.
Depends on how well can you build your biceps... :D
Guesture control gives a whole new perspetive on communication. It would be like an alphabet..except everyone (assuming Dolphin browser idea) would have their own alphabet. Software could interpret it communicate to others...therefore creating the universal language with computers as the interpreters..

Just gives us more of a reason to rely on computers. If this day comes, and those interpreters are destroyed..mass chaos will ensue.

*grins* Lovely..just pure lovely
Dont think so until they do it right.. Coz todays gestures still can be improved for practicability 
I love Swype. I don't care for Google's gesture typing or Swift Flow. Swift Flow is terrible, but pretty. I don't use gestures for tasks, just typing and navigation of screens.
I can't wait for gestures. I've got a couple I want to send to Congress.
+Stanton Taylor Swift Flow takes time to learn your typing style and is in beta. give it a chance to improve.
Can't wait to get mine. Wish the ship date would release. better not make me wait til April.
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