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A Ants
I've only used it once.
I still use it sometimes. I've been buying about 5 a year for the last few years. I have the app on my phone and just look at the notification every morning
When the emails starting become less relevant interest tapered off.
Our household uses it (and LivingSocial) occasionally, but we're very selective.
I've never used it as I've never found anything good on there! I can't be the only one?! 
I only use it when people of G+ or Facebook find a deal so amazing that they post it to their streams. ;-)
I prefer LivingSocial, thy do a better job vetting their deals so I'm actually getting a deal. 
Where I live, "Group Buying" has become a mockery; there are no real deals to be had, but the power of marketing drives gullible consumers to believe they're striking gold with some of the "promotions".

During the Black Friday, a recurring phrase among many people here was, "Black Friday: everything by half of the double."
Still using it but MUCH less these days
Less often, but you can still find a few great deals. 
When they have something at interests me, yes. Every Groupon experience has been a positive one.  But I still do not trust Mr. Mason with the books.  Too many shenanigans before and after the IPO.
I like Groupon. I've found great deals and have tried some new experiences. However they could be more selective on their "deals". They're getaway deals usually aren't anything special and can sometimes find a better deal on priceline and other sites. 
Do you think Google is still thanking it's lucky stars that Groupon turned down Google's $6 billion buy-out offer?

I still shake my head in amusement at that bone-head move by Groupon...
Cities are limited to majors. Downloaded and deleted the same day. 
1/2 off at american apparel today was a smoking deal. still think they should have sold to google though
Used them a few times and got some good deals! 
I've never used it, probably because I don't use hotels, spa days or adventure holidays.
Never used it personally, but have clients that have used it for their businesses. We found some consumers to be very coupon driven and generally loyal. We have discussed limiting offers next year as we feel it is not the most effective promotional tool these days.
They are pushing too many lame trip packages and as-seen-on-tv junk
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