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Wish Netflix will start filming next season of Terra Nova soon
Chicago Code, Bones, MI:5 (Spooks), Terra Nova
Dan Lam
I thought the pilot episode of Terra Nova was intriguing, then it became a family sitcom.
+Dennis Em +Dan Lam can't believe they took it off the air so fast. I know what you mean, Dan. I thought the same way about Battlestar Galactica, it turned into a soap opera.
They need to reword the one comment to say “With a 120 percent growth rate there is no doubt that more communications service providers will be launching application-based pricing plans that provide them with more ways to fleece paying customers. Giving companies a consistent source of revenue off of crippled data plan service options they offer their customers. Forcing on customers unusually small data caps, and charging them exorbitant prices for overages.”. If they built better networks we wouldn't need to hear this.
On Sons of Anarchy right now!
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