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i'd get the note. For sure.
It'll fail, like previous Note tablets before it

+Michal Polinski Lol. That's actually sort of true 
Not interested. The aspect ratio of the Nexus 7 and other seven inch tablets is perfect.

The larger you get, the more difficult it is to carry a tablet around. That is a failing of the iPad mini form factor.
+Mike Miller Actually it's the exact opposite that makes the iPad mini a better tablet. Obviously Samsung sees that

I currently own an iPad mini and a BlackBerry PlayBook. I love & prefer my iPad mini's 7.9" display more than I do the 7" display on my PlayBook or my sisters Nexus 7
Absolutely sure I will! :-)
doh!  I was actually considering something along these lines when I was debating the purchase of the Nexus 10!  ...sadly, this option did not exist -_- that all you have to do Samsung? Follow iPhone's footsteps?
I'm absolutely a note fan. It will complete my note 2 and 10.1.
Awesome product.
+Von Tulloch It's a matter of personal taste of course but I find the iPad form factor to be mostly wasted space. Movies and most moder video are in an aspect ratio that leaves large black bands on the iPad for instance. 

It also helps that I can stick a seven inch tablet in my jacket pocket. I can't do that with an iPad mini, it just doesn't fit.
I'm waiting on Verizon to get the Note 10.1 with 4g. I have the Note 2 and I love it! 
+Mike Miller Well my iPad mini fits in all my jacket pockets, I'm not sure what iPad mini you could have possibly been testing. And I love how the screen is perfect for reading, I read a lot and iBooks is an awesome reader app. The screen is also better than any 7" tablet for browsing the web, email, and it supports a lot of tablet apps / not blown up smartphone apps. Lol, and videos still look pretty darn good on it even though they don't always fill up the screen unless you're playing a full screen video, even then they still look great 
I gotta weigh in on the mini iPad / Nexus 7 conversation... I like the size of the mini (based on playing with it at Best Buy)....but, like the iPad, the square-ish shape does feel kind of awkward to me.  Now with the n7, "it fits like a glove".  It feels like i'm actually reading a book (especially with the case I have on it -- it makes it that much more comfortable).  Browsing the web on it works perfectly to me.  As for apps...all of the apps I want to use on it are available on the nexus 7 and with no distortion of the image.  Even with the case, it fits snugly in my back jeans pocket.  The screen itself is great. :o)

I also have a newly purchased Nexus 10 -- I still prefer the size of my 7.  Again, I like the size of the mini iPad vs the regular iPad...but not on iPad 2 technology. (from what I understand, that's the type of hardware in it -- at least the screen is) ...tomayto tomahto....
+Von Tulloch Weird, standard jacket sized pockets work fine for my original Kindle Fire but anything bigger would not stand a chance.

The whole "blown up phone" app thing is very 2012. Not an issue these days as most apps for Android have HD versions and look fine. 

My iPad 2 mostly gets used for casual gaming with my wife and bit of web surfing. It's in that awkward in between place where it is too big to easily take with me everywhere and not capable enough to want to. It's a good laptop substitute about 70% of the time but I can't manage to live with just it if I want to be fully productive on line.
If they are going to do it they had better hurry before Apple patents tablets between 7 and 10 inches.
I have always been a huge nexus fan.. But gosh... I love my note 10.1 so much!! The multitasking and s-pen are perfect for me. The quad core is awesome!! And JB and project butter coupled with 2gb of ram. Makes this thing quick.. Only thing I wish different was better build quality
Since when has Samsung followed apple they released there 7in tab well before the ipad mini as a matter fact the ipad mini exist because the nexus 7 paved the way for it... All apple is doing now is playing catch up to the android capable products
The iPad is 7.9"; not 7". I'm a Google & Android fanboy myself but even I've gotta admit my iPad mini is a lot better than any 7" tablet. The Nexus 7 my sister had was mine first, I gave it to her after I had my iPad mini for about a week. I kept the tablet that was clearly a better product, I didn't want to admit it before either but if you used it for even an entire day you'd change your mind too 
Depends on what you use it for. ipads and iphones are great for what they are but too basic for my tastes. My Galaxy Note 2 and Note 10.1 are the perfect combo for me on the go, at work and at home. I also have the Nexus 7 32gb rooted because I like to tinker with the latest OS revisions. To each his own I guess.
+Francisco Rangel what wont fit in your back pocket? Wouldnt recommend that anyhow. Too many people with cracked screens learned that lesson the hard way.
+Jose Evangelista funny thing, people seems to forget the fact that samsung already had 7" and 8" tablets. so who is following who with the ipad mini actually?
+Michal Polinski I think both have their strengths. Nexus for Vanilla experience and regular updates. Tailoring the whole experience bottom up suited for your needs. Nature UX on the other hand is a compromise on aforementioned factors by giving us more features like multiwindow, S-Pen, etc. Depends on person to person. Isn't that what Android is about? Choices.
Interested in hearing more about this new mini Samsung tablet. I am a fan of their products. Never been very interested in Apple products. My ex works for IT for Apple Tech Support. I hear about all the costly & expen$ive Apple issues. No thank you!!!
+Mike Miller You are forgetting bezel size my friend. I feel note 2 is more ergonomic than note 1. With reducing size of bezel, overall dimensions will remain the same. Not sure if thats the case for this tab.
+Von Tulloch If by good screen you mean, mediocre ppi, why not? I like Apple tablets. Infact, best in business. Not the case in 7 inch category though or smartphones/
How many of these, "NEW TABLET WILL CRUSH IPAD" are there? Stop, its's annoying! TEAM APPLEDROID!!!!!
I think that apple fanboys should GTFO from google services. Use your retarded apple stuff if it is so fucking great. 
Have to laugh at all the iDiots claiming Samsung are copying Apple with releasing a smaller tablet.

Ickle history lesson, Samsung released the 7, yes SEVEN inch Galaxy tab way back in November 2010. A revised version, the tab plus was released a year later. A 7.7 inch model was released early in 2012. An 8.9 model was released in late 2011.

So, who is copying whom again?
Ryan R.
Looking forward to it. Go Samsung. :)

And +Riki Ballantyne , some people are just close-minded and feel they always need to defend their closed-OS(delusional at worst). Ignore them. Lol :D
I still prefer the iPad mini despite its lack of a Retina display, and the speed of the iPad 2.
I don't recall ever saying that Samsung is copying Apple but okay
just like levy copies rustler because they both make jeans?
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