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Casio’s iPhone-loving, low energy Bluetooth smart watch might be just smart enough -
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Erik H.
My eyes. They burn.
Still waiting on Pebble. I think someone will get the right balance for smart watches in the next couple of years. Style, battery life, screen, function. No one has nailed it yet.
Yeah but sometimes the ugliest things are the most productive. Unlike SOME companies, which spend the majority of time on unimportant factors like "making things pretty."
that screen is like CNBC, too busy
I would rather have a daylight visible monochrome screen on a watch than a color one I can't see or have to turn on. Although a multi-color notification led would be great.
why do they include tidal levels, moon phases, blah blah blah?  I have yet to ever need to know the moon phase or tidal level, or such non sense....
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