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FYI: Facebook doesn't save your Pokes, so don't be scared to get silly 
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I'm  |---|  this close to deleting my FB account.
It's also notable that photos and videos taken in the Poke app for iOS are not saved to the iOS Camera Roll. 
following techcruch because drew told me too
Thanks for the article! I was actually wondering that particular point of their TOS! :)
This app comes too late for David Petraeus...
Everybody now is scared!! I don't know from what?
Just because they say they don't doesn't mean that they don't.
i can so imagine marky z reading everyone's sexting (oh wait, errr Poke) pics. fb has no respect for privacy and now they want ppl to "poke"?
I've gotten at least 3 girlfriends using poke. That's was back in the day when Facebook was cool though 
Is it legal not to save pokes. Wont it become the next big platform for terrorists and criminals to communicate in real time
Until they discover that some well-meaning developer was replicating a copy of the keys somewhere for a reporting tool, or an administrator was preserving them for troubleshooting, or the QA team was copying them into a Test environment periodically, or, or, or...

The fact that Facebook possesses the encryption keys at all is the problem, not their policies for managing them.
No no, they do save it temporarily for abuse flagging purposes as mentioned in the article. Or else this will be a valid medium for CP live exchanges.
I'll expect it to be easily accessible to law enforcement. When encryption was mentioned, it may still means Facebook has the encryption key and employees may decrypt it, even though it should be protected by policy.

Facebook just got creepier, considering from what I read about snapchat it is mainly for is even creepier considering zuck was the one who coded the app.
Some people have been jailed for poking, do a search on it. There was a restraining order involved though.
Who pokes that much too be really worried?
Now accepting all of your shameless sexts. Send away, maties!
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