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I wonder how many android users are fleeing Verizon for more friendly carriers. The iPhone and verizon were made for each other.. Locked down hardware, annual upgrades, etc. A lot more friendly than the android Nexus model for Verizon. 
TJ Evans
Is that good for Apple, or bad for +Verizon Wireless
(Hint: many of us Andorid users are leaving; slow OS updates and bad data plan options are deal breakers!)
Over priced phone on an over priced carrier.
Verizon has the network. It's ALL they have. There's not a single other redeeming feature I can think of. If another carrier comes up with a competitive network for where I live, Verizon needs to watch out. Customers aren't staying with them out of love or loyalty.
Where else can you go? Att has the same bad days plans, sprint has no lte, and tmo has terrible coverage outside of metropolitan areas
No wonder they don't care about laaaaaaaaaaagging on updates. Gnex still chillin with 4.1.1
I have never had an issue with Verizon. So maybe if everyone stops looking for issues they won't find them. I mean really people stop complaining.
Makes me wonder how much of the general public just wants a simple phone that can make a call, get emails, and play YouTube? 
Im gonna go back to those simple ghetto flip phones that look like bricks. Im sick of all this Iphone shit
Screw that. I want to press 10 buttons on my phone so it can transport me to work!
Had an i-phone.can't say anything good about it .had different carriers .so far Verizon is the best.but,there plans aren't so great .it has never failed me.
made up 63 percent of Verizon’s smartphone device sales for the quarter
so stupid caption with accent on word All Smartphones
only TC can create so biased articles
Might be a correlation between Apples overpriced phone and Verizon's overpriced services.. Maybe people with iPhone just like paying more, and more, and more. That's their fad. :- )
I have spectrum a great deal on it at the time.
People with iphones are always called sheep by haters, funny how 99% of the time people who have iphones are usually better looking, better dressed and get laid more.
Gregor, so you're saying that iPhones are the phones of choice for expensive prostitutes? :)
I agree verizon sucks. I went to the store to get a new battery for my android..."we don't carry these in stock" That's an old version.
I solved my updates problem by rooting and unlocking my phone. Now I have Jelly Bean on my Rezound.

By the way Verizon, if your network is so big and fast, what's with the data caps? 
IOS is a very outdated operated system. iPhones are small and outdated in my opinion. I don't understand why everyone loves them so much.. I've had 3 people show me their new iPhone 5 and its a snooze fest. No new features.. Same IOS.. Basically it's a stretched out iPhone 4S with 4g. Apple is losing its appeal.
If you don't get it, you don't get it, and for some reason that leads to iOs hate  that's what I don't get. 

iOs folk don't care about any other system - If you're so pleased with what you've got, why bother commenting :)
Love IOS. My IPAD2, and IPHONE 4s, are great to me.
Loving the Android haters. The way you guys jump onto the merest mention of Apple is truly pathetic and more than a little sad.
dorio x
I love my Android device. True multitasking. Quad core CPU. 
Lmao +Anthony DiRuggiero i love how the few individuals have jumped on the trend of calling stuff "sheep" isnt that just as sheepish since your jumping on the sheeple train 
+Danny Davidson Idiots cannot see the irony of collectively calling another group "Sheep".

I could call those intolerant of other people's choices "Fascists".
Thats because Verizon isn't getting many of the hot new Android phones that have come out recently.  iPhone is the default top performer. 
I am not find of my iPhone. Too limiting. I loved my Android much more but I am in a contract so I have to deal with it!
I don't know, why people hate iPhone. It is a punishment for being dumb. 
Is the customers.... The htc Droid DNA blows the iphone5 to dust, but most people follow the stupid Apple commercials like panorama, Siri and HD voice and those are features that we tha Android users have had for years. Wanna givit a try? ...... Ask any Iphone user if they know what is NFC! 
the i phone 5 is the only one in its field and has no competition simply the best
Only reason I'm on Verizon is because here its the only one worth using. All other carriers here have terrible coverage. I was on tmobile and at&T and i couldn't get coverage in my own house. 
If you gonna have the best phone. Then have the best services provider!
Good for Apple but they are still slipping. In terms of market share they will never be able to catch Android simply because Android caters for everyone. 
Im surprised to see this article in a totally android biased social media platform also known as, "google +"
Apple product usage is plummeting and it's Verizon's best seller... I think it's time to sell Verizon stock.
no 1 wants the forbidden fruit any more
+Mike Coles why would apples sales make you sell verizon stock? verizon will continue to sell products and services to its consumers with or without apple. Iphones were a trend and as with any other trend, it comes to an end and another trend takes over. Its just a cycle 
Why so defensive ios fans?. You guys are funny. Android will continue to outpace ios in everything regardless of this result. It was the 1/4 the iPhone 5 was released so i am not surprise.   
iPhones is a bunch of hype
+steve augustin andriod does suck...and they never fix the problems they have unlike Apple does, this andriod tablet I have it open 2 apps just to play 1 video...and if it cant play it just freezes up every single time!
Amazing the amount of trolls that come out for any article regarding Apple products or Verizon. This story was doomed from the start for a friendly, intelligent, unbiased comments. 
Haters gonna hate. Suckers. 
& I thought apple was doing poorly
Congrats to apple and verizon....I guess?? I think verizons OTA updates are kinda buggy. And that OTA update that verizon did to check bootloader on their galaxy note 2 phones....not cool.
TechCrunch always seems to come out with Pro-Apple articles. Invested much?
Verizon is good at stealing your money.
Well if u think logically the main reason is due to the speed of 4G lte, no comparison with at&t, sprint or T-Mobile. I still believe those isheep could've gotten a better phone thn that piece of shit iPhone. Although I agree tht Verizon is pretty much turning into Apple with how greedy they've become with the data plans prices and overall their plans. Service as much as I hate to admit, its pretty good...
I fail to see where these numbers are gathered from. I've been selling phones for Verizon for the last decade and I can tell you we sell far more Android devices than iOS devices. Almost 3 to 1 Android over iOS. With Windows in an extremely distant third place. These numbers are wrong.
All tech giants playing with publicity (in both positive and negative ways the way i see it) to win their share on the game. Actually seeing google+ nowadays is like seeing ads with stories.
I don't see how anyone in there right mind can honestly say that apple is better than android. Android os is way more advanced. I started out with Android briefly switched to ios then sprinted back to android. Basically gave away my iphone on craigslist. Couldn't get rid of it fast enough. 
You know Verizon owns all towers... Other carriers have to pay them for use of there towers.. this is why verizon has best coverage
None of the carriers carry batteries for any models anymore. Are you surprised? They want you to buy a phone.
Ok and none of this is helping Apples profits from what's your point +TechCrunch ?
Apple was a one man show, and he's gone to greener pastures.
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