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We should welcome these number. These could give competition to Apple and Samsung and consumers will have more choice
Yeh and the lack of use as they sit under a bed now used to prop it up in place on a book 
I wonder what it would have been had there been enough supply
400k isn't good. I would say it's higher than that. But only Google knows. 
so, my n4 was created 11/21/12-bought 12/04/12, and is #109,656. :D
Mine is nearly three weeks old (14/12/12) and is ~#262000 
I firmly believe that if Google and Asus were better prepared, then the number would be 2-3 million... Everybody I know want this phone! But all they see in Nexus 4's 's website is SOLD OUT!!!
EDIT: not Asus... LG  :)))) Sorry, Asus lovers... :))
+Baizhan Gabdullin Asus did not make the Nexus 4.  LG did.  The Asus nexus 7 has been in stock.  I don't know what you mean.
relly want to buy one,but the price and where can buy is a problem for me

Just wait for the Galaxy S4 with the flexible screen.  Root it, unlock the bootloader, install cyanogenmod.  Be happy! :-)
Not surprised. I paid over the odds to get one over the counter because it has been out of stock for ages. Best decision of my life. Finally (after a few months) got off the abbhorrent Windows Phone OS.
Haha. It's good to be able to hold a full conversation without "My battery is low, so I've gotta go". I've had two Androids before, and I have an Android tablet, so I'm planning to stick with the platform for the forseeable future!
Where is the number written. Created number.
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