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Nope. Prefer to leave my pictures tacky filter free. 
Kyle O
I've only heard the name. Never had an interest to look into it. Sounds like a photo hub of sorts.
Matt J
Haven't used Instagram in ages. I use +EyeEm now.
I still use it--all the time. People need to get over themselves and the terms of service debacle. It's still a great free app/service.
I don't have an instgram account and it will remain that way. 
+Russel Samson You're right, nice free service. 
On the other hand those TOS have proved an enormous mistake and tons of pro user have left the service.You can name them.
Stopped using it after I switched to a windows phone.
I stopped using it when... wait, I never used it!
I stopped using it. No Google+ integration was a bad enough. When they pulled of from Twitter that was the tipping point. I dont want more Facebook in my life. 
i downloaded it, then I saw facebook bought it. Never created an account. I uninstalled it.
+TechCrunch Facts are the best way to decieve people. Sure, those numbers are very impressive, but you need to ask yourself why +instagram is talking statistics and make sure to consider the context. The 90 Million active users is most likely a massive decrease if compared to the data BEFORE the TOS epic fail. Instagram is trying to say, "Hey! We still exist! These numbers prove it! Just don't look at any past data."
I don't use Instagram. Did not like the fact that they can use your photos. Have enough of that already.
they are just making up these numbers as a PR move to make people forget their recent privacy policy fail,

and yes that is exactly what facebook has repeatedly done, remember the Newark school donation occurring at exactly the same time as the Social Network movie release in theaters?, it was literally the same day
Used to be active, now I'm all g+ which owns everyone else.
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