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The Fall TV lineup may include Apple dominating gaming -
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This is so far up apple's ass you can probably see daylight
You work for Apple? I bet you do, you don't ever try to hide it.
L am
Move out Apple, TV and VGame is over done
Definitely apple fan girls working here. Apple needs to change up their game cuz they getting stale real quick.
Don't think this would be world-domination in any way - simply because I can hook up my tab with a USB joypad and HDMI output - with NVidia T33 chipset which features a 16 core GPU ...
so how about the graphics sub-system on iCrap?
Even if they'd like to dominate - that would require dominating hardware in the first place - since dominating marketing simply isn't enough.
Stef P
First the over exaggeration of the g+ outage and now this slobber sucking apple love fest.

You guys must be blind by now with all that apple "juice" on your eye? 
Your basis for this entire article is an ASSUMPTION that a "large portion" of apps downloaded are games... WTF is this Facebook? Why even post this on here when you can bet, with such poor writing, it will be hated and mean nothing! The games on iOS are literally no different and no better than those on android (since you decided to focus on a mobile platform). In either case, I would still rather play a video game on a large screen, so until android and iOS graduate to the big leagues (which is coming soon) gaming will continue to be dominated by consoles (even if this domination is diminishing). 
Apple is the shit, quit complaining!!!
It will be really good to change great games for the crappy iOS games ... LOL
I worked for a company called Minacs based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, we were outsourced by apple to be their acting agent for American clients, Apple American clients are no better than Canadian clients, an Angry customer is still an angry customer no matter what. Apple customer may act all high and mighty but they are just like everyone else whether they will admit it or not.
Probably they think to be something better, only because they paid a premium and the marketing sold them a device without any problems whatsoever. When people ask me to support these devices, I'd only help friends - but not clients.
Ah, the Android fanboys are out in full force today. Such is life on Google+.
+Vincent Leeuw I'm not a biased fanboy - I'm a developer and judge by facts. Better stop calling me names or I'll call you names as well.
Stef P
Ah, the blind can't see the bias. Must be too busy on knees for a piece of fruit. 
I just see no reason to waste my money on Apple products... when I can have Lenovo hardware for way less money :)
Apple's hardware design is just poor. As a consumer with low requirements you probably might not even realize that.
+Martin Zeitler You're welcome to do so, it's what happens on Google+ anyway and I'm quite used to it. As soon as the 'A-word' is dropped, everybody starts bashing.

I hated the fanboy wars during the console era, I hate them now. This constant bickering about price, features and stuff, while people are only trying to find a confirmation of their own opinion is the pits. It's bloody annoying that Google+ is owned by Google, slanting every discussion about Google, Facebook, Apple, et all firmly into the G-camp.

You are basically one of the more sane one in this particular thread, but it's always the same. I mean, this could've been a post about how Google beats Apple in whatever is the topic du jour, people would still be bashing Apple in the comments. As much as the Android/Google fans claim to be 'not one of the fruit-sheep', they are completely brainwashed when it comes to their side.

It's been pissing me off ever since the inception of Google+ and has been a blemish on an otherwise useful and fun social network.

And for the record, I use multiple devices from different companies and the same Asian manufacturers. Because as soon as you give a critique of what's happening here, you're obviously an 'insert X'-fanboy.

Good day.
+Vincent Leeuw Well, better not state words like Apple, Android or God on here... because then it gets religious.
They not sell them as computers - but lifestyle products.
LOL apple dominating gaming. That's rich.
MG trolling the world again, what you say is plausible but Apple have not shown any indication of jumping in
So much negativity... I'm pretty sure every movie production and sound production, games, music, and tv, all go through an apple computer.. I don't care for one. But they are doing something right. Just sayin
Apple isn't even dominating its existing markets, from personal computers to tablets to smartphones. Even if they theoretically somehow got a footing in a rather difficult market to penetrate when it comes to living-room consoles, it will have to compete against the already announced Ouya and Steam Box devices for that space as well. 

Quite frankly, while I'm not going to outright say it will fail in succeeding with those willing to pay the premiums, the idea of it even having the time to not only penetrate but "dominate" a market would require the kind of capital that Apple is too afraid to invest in for a market that is already becoming saturated.

Unless Apple comes up with something truly innovative that radically changes the console market the same way it did the phone market, all it will do is continue to receive money from its existing customer base. I just threw up after seeing that image.
Soul caliber,I like it.
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