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Just think how many could have shipped if they weren't backordered since launch.
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Looks interesting. I'd love to see a comparison sheet between this and an iPhone 5, plus a few other comparable models from Samsung, etc. - it would also have to take carrier availability into account as well since switching is not an option for many. Might be very helpful to folks in the market for an upgrade.
I have Verizon and am looking to upgrade but I understand that this phone doesn't have 4G. It gives me pause. 
+Jeff Legato I just canceled Verizon for Tmobile and my Nexus 4 and seems to be faster. Testing with speed test, and the best of all I'll be paying only $30 per month 
The nexus 4 does have lte... it isn't listed as a spec the chip is their. If you can use the toolkits on the forums you can use this chip even with your carrier believing your only using 3g which with the right provider well that could be one very cheap bill. Also I hear Verizon users that had grandfather unlimited if the change to this phone it keeps you grandfathered for data instead of opting in and getting a limit once you sign new contract.
+Aaron Picazo I did the exact same thing. Never been more pleased with a decision.

Hey, +TechCrunch How about using an image of the phone in the article that shows it utilizing the entire display? That photo beam shot makes it look like a flip phone at first glance... or was that on purpose?
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