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Facebook finally launches a "Share" button for mobile
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OOOH pardon me while I get super excited and open my Facebook app oh wait I deleted it some time ago oh well :D
cough cough looks like Google+ cough cough
Nice addition.  Hoping a new app release comes out for Android, because the current version is the easily the worst app I have on my phone.  
Well Facebook sucks.. G+ is much better....
Erik H.
That's a direct copy and paste from Google+ isn't it?
+Goutham Mukkapati  I do wish more people would convert over to G+ I do miss chatting with my Family  but they all want to stay with that Crappy FB. So I mak new freinds...
I could care less what POS FB is doing these days... Google+ is where it's at...
Another post about Facebook on Google+.  It's funny how defensive Google+ users are, where Facebook users could hardly care: "Oh yeah, Google+?  I forgot that's still a thing."
I actually love and actively maintain both accounts, to be honest.  I'm just pretty sure an interesting study could be done on the comments that are found on anything related to iOS or Facebook on Google+.  Hell, most of the time it doesn't even have to be related and someone brings it up.
What so ever, I hate FB mobile app. They could do better.
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