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I don't think i would ever buy a TV from Ikea.
Love IKEA products, but this is going to fail big time.
I see no flaw with this product as far as general consumer satisfaction is concerned. (General as in normal people who don't care about specs.)
Do I have to put it together?
Is it made out of plywood? -Brittany
One more reason to go to IKEA. I love IKEA, especially the meat balls found there... hmm :)
Price will be a big factor, also - who makes it?
Sill K.
I like the design but TV, sound system and Blu-ray player are from the Chinese manufacturer TLC -

what about tech support, (player) firmware updates ? no, thx
Maybe if it is made in one of the same factories as other major brand HDTVs. There are only a handful of these factories anyway... so i guess SURE.
I like that idea, and I've been thinking about upgrading my TV recently. Didn't see anything mentioned in the article about a UK release date though.
Yes, if the quality is good enough and cheap. No, if I have to put the pieces together myself. I guess it won't be any high guality premium models that Ikea will offer.
Sill K.
about 900 € in Germany, no clue about the States
wouldn't go near it... personally...
Depends. How many dowel rods does it take to assemble it?
HDTV as an all-in-one component of furniture? Knowing Ikea, it will be appealing in the show room, competitively priced, a pain to transport and reconstruct, tricky to move - even across the room - and impossible to sell when you finally grow sick of it... which will be about the time the warranty runs out.
Gut reaction is no...would they even be competitively priced (as their furniture generally is)?
Can you imagine the assembly instructions ;)
Bhart K
Def poor quality n build...spend some more and buy samsung or sony for peace of mind.
Bhart K
Haha...funny to read comments abt assembly could happen :-)
I'm always short a couple of screws or bolts with ikea furniture. Wonder how that would go with a tv
Jay Tee
I just might check it out if it enters US.....
I personally wouldn't, but I can see lots of people buying it.
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