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LuciO M
What a breakthrough!
This was a waste of your journalistic energy. Just saying...
Yet another revolutionary innovation by Facebook! 
I really thought +Google would have done this by now, using the fun +Android emoticons in +Google+ Messenger and Posts, as the basic version has always been in +Google Chat {}?_?}

On that... I also still don't get why these are still two separate chat programs on +Google+ and +Android ...and why +Google+ Messenger isn't accessible via +Google Chrome at all? ()?_?)

+Google Hangouts is already on almost everything, making it a third (decent) product to communicate with... yet still all separate []o_O]

So why not just combine them all? []?_?]
So this is what they did with all that IPO money??

(╯°□ °)╯︵ ┻━┻
Is "+1" a shortcut for the Like emoticon?
Wow.  Facebook chat finally catches up to AIM circa 1999.
My friends have been using this for almost a year now!
"Facebook adds a feature to its chat that AIM had in 1998!!!" ...
Wow, TechCrunch. Just, wow.
hey hey hey, go easy on him, it's not like he "specializes in deep analysis of social products" or anything...
People still use Facebook? So oldschool.
Attention teens and adults that act like them?? I've been on the internet  since the mid-90s (yes, that's nearly 20 years!) and have used emoticons before these teens you're referring to were even born!
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