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The Valley’s “No Hire” years come to light in damning new documents -
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Wait, you mean that Mr Jobs, the High Saint of all things right, treated his employees like owned property?

Is there actually anyone that thought Jobs was a good guy? I've never heard that. Ever. Period. Especially people that I know who worked closely with him said he was a dick.

+Nick Apperson I've read about every book there is on Jobs and Apple, and yup I agree very few, if any, said Jobs was a pleasant person to work with.  I think he mellowed out in the later years, but I've also read that Noah Wyle's portrayal of him on Pirates is totally spot on.  
+Christopher Cotton , it's actually a pretty simple concept. Unless you have that employee under a contract, it is an anti-trust violation to be in collusion with your competitor to prevent movement of at-will employees.  It's teh same reason pro sports teams can't prevent players from becoming free agents.

If I were an employee from that time frame and feel I was prevented from moving I would be looking into a Class Action Lawsuit and if it is found to be anti-trust then it would be 3x damages
+Ryan Light , ya, we got the memo..........this particular image was from Jobs.

Plus, #AppleSucks  so its fun to rip on them whenever I get a chance.
The argument would still be made that they were in collusion by having any agreement at all.
Just because there hasnt been doesnt mean that action couldnt happen. Unless you have someone under contract you have no right to impede on their movement. Look up Curt Flood or Reggie White or Andre Dawson and read what they won in court/settlement. You can not be in collusion with your competitor to prevent movement.
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