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How long til Facebook clones Vine? No, Facebook should be inventing apps
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Wow.....FB engineers are really awesome !!!
You're in good hands with FB??!

I think not.
I have a better question. How long will Facebook die? Just die already.
Only 'cos their lame friends are on there. The lying cheating intrusive nature of Fakebook has already driven masses onto G+ cancelling their FarceBook accounts. Me included
I would actually say that Facebook should be careful. In today's world users have no problem in shifting from one media to another. It's more about being connected and engage with others. Facebook's problem is that users are going more and more mobile with everything that include and as long as they can communicate and engage socially the media itself is not that important. 
This is in reference to the article.

Facebook did not "pioneer" the Like button. +Kevin Rose pioneered the Digg button when Facebook was still only allowing undergrads. +Mark Zuckerberg probably liked what he saw. Rose may have even recommended it to him. (Speculation)

Unified cross-platform messaging is email. It's older than most of the people reading this, who are all older than Facebook. Further, multitudes of instant messaging apps can unify messages and have since the days of Trillian.

Facebook reminds me of a lot of services I've used since the mid 90's. There was a slower, less innovative walled garden called America Online. It didn't have over a billion users at it's peak, but there weren't as many people online back then either.

I would say Facebook pioneered the integration of casual gaming into a timeline of updates (a blog, see Aaron). That seems like something Facebook might have come up with on their own. But they probably cloned that too.

What i think about FB is that its engineers keep it refreshing with new features.And above all around 90% of desktop features can be accessed thru mobile.And about privacy i think FB provides top level privacy no other social network comes closer.
I fear you don't know to how to use the privacy features well Mike Fuller
+Ron Thomas  I fail to see how Google+ Circles lags behind Facebook in providing "top level" privacy. You and I probably have a good grasp on how privacy works on social platforms, but most people don't know how much they are sharing, regardless of the network.

"_90% of desktop features_" is debatable I suppose. It has come a long way. Facebook does a lot of things, but few of those things were original innovations. The timeline might be an exception.   :)

As far as integrating social features together elegantly, I would be more inclined to give that to Google+. It isn't perfect either though. If it counts for anything, you and I are having this conversation on Google+. I can be sure it wouldn't have happened on Facebook.

Most of the people I know "use" Facebook. Many of the people I know "have" Google+. Fewer of them have started using it. I think that is Facebook's major advantage.

People probably won't start leaving Facebook in masses, but I don't expect a mass influx of people either. The people in the world that do not use Facebook at this point have likely tried it and quit, refuse to participate in "such things", or live in a country where freedom is a crime and opinions are evidence against you in court. Or they live in China, where most people live.
Mike Fuller. Okay In my FB profile i had created friends list in which i can post-its similar to Google plus circles,you can add and remove friends,only the people in that friend list would be able to view my post.And about desktop features in mobile i still feel Google Plus lags light years behind FB.I access G thru my Nokia C3-00.I can't even use basic features of G on my fone.I can't hit a like on a comment on a post,can't delete my own comment on a post,can't delete others comments on my post,can't block a person,can't edit/change my profile photo etc.The most important flaw is that G doesn't have a dedicated tab for messaging.I personally think messaging is one of the main important feature of social networking.In order for G to survive they need to induct these features asap on basic mobile web. 
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