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Is the iPad mini really the best couch computing device?
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Nexus 7 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nah... I still prefer the Nexus 7 with Jelly Bean and Google Now 
Apple's a little late to the 7" party.  We've been enjoying our Nexus 7's and Kindles for a while now.  It doesn't have a retina screen, doesn't have the A6 chip, doesn't have GPS, what exactly are people paying for?  The logo mark?
From the article, the same could be said for 7-inch Android tablets too, Nexus 7 included. If it's just for a second screen companion, Nexus 7 could also fit the bill; it doesn't have to be an iPad mini. Now it's just a matter of preferring one brand over the other.
+Francois Demers Well talking about couch Computing the Question should be Nexus 7 or Nexus 10. I do have the Nexus 7 16GB without 3G and it has a great resolution, is a lightweight and works like a charm. For me 7" are enough for browsing, reading, checking social networks and so on. With Android 4.2 you will be able to have Multi-user accounts and use one device for the whole family. Also the Miracast feature of Android 4.2 will allow you to stream your music/video YouTube to the TV. 
I also plan to get the Nexus 4 as my next smartphone - especially for photowalks it is more handy because of it´s size. What are you looking for excatly?
The article seems to only be saying that an iPad mini is more convenient and portable than a traditional iPad.  On that point I agree completely.  I personally feel a 7" tablet is the perfect size.  However, I think that making it now is too little too late.  The nexus7 and Kindle HD are already much more reasonable options for the same void (unless someone finds themselves hopelessly bound to the itunes store)
The Nexus7 has gps, Google Now, NFC and is my best contender 
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My nexus 7 lately is turning out to be the ideal screen companion to me nowadays :)
Ditto on my Nexus 7.  It is my literal sidekick.   iPad Mini is a pretty device, but not as flexible(useful) for me. No brainer for the price delta. Nexus 7 for the win.
I love the way Techcrunch is "discovering" the benefits of a 7 inch(ish) device months and months after the rest of us. YES, it makes a perfect companion BECAUSE of its size - strange it took Apple so long to realise. Dogma can be such a pain sometimes.
The iPad mini is overpriced junk. The wifi iPads do not even have GPS. You have to go to a much more expensive 3G/4G iPad mini and iPad maxi to get a GPS, while all the Nexus tablets have GPS. Even the $199 16 GB quad-core Nexus 7, with higher resolution than the iPad mini, comes with GPS. If you want overpriced junk, you buy the iPad mini. If you want T3's Tablet of the Year, you buy the $199 16GB Nexus 7 or for $249 the 32 GB Nexus 7. 
This is all a bit silly isn't it? If I invented a 6.2" device it would be 'perfect' to someone somewhere (on either ecosystem). Same with a 1.2", 26.3" and 400.23". My point is, if they invent it, you will find a use for it, not the other way around. That's why we keep buying all this stuff, and we don't really know why. (apologies for the anti-consumerist comment - I'll add for the zeitgeist - go nexus 7)
I want the iPad mini SO BAD!!
It looks so cool, and I won't ever be able to save up 500$ to get a iPad 2.
I love my Nexus 7. Great display, great maps, AND I can actually comfortably hold, and use, it in one hand.

I have not held an iPad mini yet but it doesn't look like it can be help comfortably in one hand ... yes or no?

I've had an excellent couch computing device ever since the Nook Color came out 2 years ago. It was crippled of course by B&N bloatware but it did the job for web browsing and email. Then Nexus 7 came about and fixed all of the above.

Why anyone would spend $330 for an iPad Mini is beyond me.
+Richard Hansen The iPad mini is the most uncomfortable tablet I ever had the displeasure to hold. Especially the thin bezel when you hold it in portrait mode makes the tablet useless, with your thumb over the display and the text you are trying to read. Maybe that is why there are firings and a shake up at Apple. 
Interesting that the final defence that Apple fans put up is "Android has no tablet apps". This  1) is utter bollocks and 2) misunderstands just how good Android developers are at building scaling apps. They are NOT like the ham-fisted grainy "zoomed" rubbish that iPad users must put up with when viewing iPhone apps. Android, due to its infamous and much derided "fragmentation" of screen sizes has always offered excellent scaling. This is, in any case, a complete non-issue for 7 inch tablets - I've used a Nexus 7 since launch and can't think of a single occasion where I regretted the lack of a "tablet" app. In fact, there's an argument that some apps designed for the iPad will not perform well on the mini - app developers believed that resolutions were fixed, as was screen size - it's perfectly possible that some apps designed to use every pixel on a 9.7in device will be almost unusable on a 7.9in display. Perhaps they should sandpaper their fingertips.
+Luis Lauranzon hard to find? When opening play-store, it's there...under separate category!?
"Some apps just don't scale well and lose features" - could you be more specific please? Which ones?
+Luis Lauranzon "they're not easy to find" because, in most cases, they're universal already. Looking at my favourite apps - Google+, BBC iPlayer, Flipboard, TuneIn, Audible, Netflix, Amazon MP3, Amazon Kindle, gmail, Firefox, Chrome, Angry Birds Space, Riptide GP and Dropbox - they're all perfect on the Nexus 7. The only app that causes me irritation is Facebook, so nothing new there then. I continue to use both iOS and Android devices (although, to be honest, my 6 year old uses the iPad more than me) and I genuinely don't feel that I missed out by paying 35% less for my Nexus, with its superior processor and display.
Anyway, each to his own - let's agree to disagree. Good luck with the mini.
+Luis Lauranzon I'm not sure whether you're replying to my previous post, but in case that you do: what is angry or disrespectful in asking politely "could you be more specific please"? Without being specific, your statement is just a commonplace.
And as +Kevin Partner wrote before - "each to his own"...
...and please do not romanticise Apple fans... from the statements visible on internet - they are no better and (to use your words) not less disrespectful bunch of people than any other fan community.
+Luis Lauranzon What it would do for me? I would try it when I come home to see what are you writing about. That's what I would do. Until now I didn't have any bad experiences with tablet-unsuitable apps. Maybe I missed something really terrible? This way - I'd maybe see something new.
Snarky? How should I write it in order not to tick you off? I didn't intend to be neither disrespectful nor snarky. (and btw, I still do have same Apple hardware in my house)
I think for Doctors, with that big front pocket in their lab coats, its great.  Other than that?  not sure.
+Luis Lauranzon The people that are more guilty of your comment are Apple fanboys. Your wrong and derogatory comment about tablet apps is testament to that. But then again that is what we come to expect from the Apple community these days as Apple's market share implodes. Plus, I wonder if it has something to do with their 20% Apple stock losses in just 6 weeks...
iPad mini will become THE tablet for the commoners to enjoy reading, social media and some simple games, while the normal iPad will offer better screen, better performance and will be more and more used as a replacement for laptops. I'm already using it as such and it feels awesome to carry around a device, that is so small, but can do so much. Personally, I hope that they'll focus more on software design next year, hardware is already amazingly good.
The iPad mini is already a massive failure for Apple. It is sucking up almost all of the maxiPad sales. 4 stores I visited had iPads stocked up to the ceiling with very few selling. All the salesmen all said that the iPad mini is killing sales of the regular iPad. And the iPad mini has much lower margins for Apple than the iPad. This is why Steve Jobs hated the idea of a mini iPad.
+Luis Lauranzon Just because you are mad at Apple for making your iPad3 obsolete with the iPad4, not to mention the new connector, after just 6 months, don't take it out on Android. Apple is all about overpriced outdated junk and greed. So accept it, get fleeced, and move on.
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I am not so sure that iPad mini will overtake the sales of iPad. Not unless Apple changes the resolution on the iPad mini to match the retinal iPad. 
Ok all the stretched out phone apps are a joke actually all the top android phones that came out this year and some of last year has the same HD resolution of the 7 so apps are fine don't use it as an excuse. Its simply more bang for your Buck. I understand if your heavily invested into Apples eco system but even then two year old specs and no HD for more than the nexus 7 is really just a slap to the face of the apple faithful basically confirming your sheepiness.
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