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The Samsung Galaxy Note II is pretty popular in South Korea. 
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Charles M
I have it and haven't touched my tablet since. And it fits fine in my jeans pocket. The absolute best phone I have ever used. 
my aunt got one for christmas and while i think it's a super cool device, it's just far too big for my liking.  
How is the duribility fo the device?
From battery life to features, it's a beast of a phone. 
+Scott Neal no matter what they say about Samsung using plastics, very durable. Plastics absorb impact and I'm a bit clumsy. Maybe big for others but my galaxy s3 is small feels so small now that I have the note 2. 
Im have the galaxy note 2 and im real love
I had the note 1 and I loved it so I moved on to the note 2 its awesome:)
Hoan Le
The Note 2 is a beast of a phone. Going back to my i9100 or my gf's s3..everything feels too small. Once you go Note 2 you don't go back.. 
Still waiting JB for the original Note. JB = jellybean, not jailbait. just saying
^ Oh come on, this isn't that website with the 4 leaf clover... no need for the disclaimer lol.
I forgot my pc after I start using my note 2
Durability is excellent. I have a flip cover that adds very little bulk as the back of the cover is actually the battery cover. 
Best ideal phone ever. Should be the standard for all phones
I love the size, dual screen and Android jelly bean. The full size keyboard and swype make it so easy to use. I am enjoying Google Now and while the humor is not comparable to Siri it still is very functional. I will never go back to a small phone again.
Had it for few days now no doubt the best phone ever. 
irish d
This phone's pretty special. I would have been happy too with a nexus 4 but the note 2 is one of a kind.
+Miguel Bleau damn right i occasionaly drop these devices and it just feels right they are plastic......still nexus7 accidentally fell 2 feet with a hard cover i broke the lcd just like 10.1 dropped from the bed and nothing happened
Note 2: best most capable phone I've ever owned. I love the S pen, multi screens, sending music from phone memory OR computer to other wireless devices throughout our network...even sent Vivaldi to my son's xbox. The bigger size is perfect. Once you get a Note 2, you'll never go small or accept less features. 
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