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Enterprise software: Sexy or Messy?
The enterprise software space is a giant stinking mess. And it's going to get even messier if the vendors don't start embracing the new spirit of collaboration and social technologies that represent t...
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Dan O
The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed. - William Gibson
Would this also signal the end of big enterprise vendors selling to the CFO armed only with a ROI report? 
I heard the CEO on Marketplace/NPR today...she didn't sound convincing the company would make it.  Too bad. 
Ease of use is becoming super important in the enterprise software space. It is a key to success nowadays. Look at mongodb, riak or elastic search. Or the entire enterprise "toys" kind of products in general.
The "enterprise" is being so thoroughly put to shame by young punks on GitHub.
+Edward Benton : Thats not true in general. Look at riak or elastic search. Punk proof and scaling like crazy.
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