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Nope, quit wearing watches when I got a cell phone.
I have a smart watch I carry in my pocket already, it's called an iPhone...
Sigh, I never buy things site unseen lets wait to see if it actually appears and what it can do, I know that is a radical idea rather than buying on rumour.  
I'm trying to picture something that doesn't look extremely lame and I'm having a difficult time with it.
There's a huge divide between Dick Tracy experience and repetitively screaming into your wrist because Siri can't understand you. This just seems too niche for Apple to tackle.
If Apple makes one, it's going to be way over priced. 
My question still stand. What are we considering buying? It's all just rumour at the moment lets all have a cold shower and wait and when or if Apple release their watch then ask the question about buying because then we will actually have something concrete to discuss. Currently this is all just speculation and link bait,
I'm guessing $200. I've been looking to get a smart watch for a while now but nothing has really done it for me. I want something more fancy than the Pebble but a little less traditional than the Casio. If this thing is any good then I'll get one because it'll go well with all my iStuffs but if it's no good I'll keep looking. #omgcommonsense  
I prefer a watch tethered to my phone than a watch that is a phone... (Pebble backer)
I prefer a watch tethered to my smart car which name is KITT
All depends on functionality and feel of the final product, but I am tired of taking my phone out of my pocket just to look at the time.

Give me some sweet features a somewhat reasonable price, sure. Ill go for it
What a joke. Other companies have had these things on the cards for yonks. Apple only just announces this? Looks like Apple really is yesterday's company.
+Adam Timol they haven't announced anything. It's the ruddy Apple rumour mill in full swing.
+Russell Holly You see this nonsense? 100 Product designers working on it??? That would imply they either have no clue as to what the final design would be, or they're all working John Ive's balls on really short shifts...
+Paul Murley that's what they said about the iPhone too, if you remember, Jobs even went so far as to deny they were working on a phone at all. I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out that this rumor came straight from Cupertino.
+Adam Timol I guess I didn't pay much attention back then :)

All I'm saying is that they haven't actually announced anything.
+Jack Seeley the iWatch is going to sync with the iTV, and come in 19 different colors. Three of these colors haven't even been invented yet..
I already have a Pebble pre ordered but I would consider this if it comes out. 
Pebble (the Android smartwatch company recently kickstarted) is saying that they're not allowed to say if they are in acquisition talks with Apple.  Kill the competition in the cradle maybe?
+Mikel Kirk the Pebble is not purely an Android smartwatch company, the product supports Android and iPhone.
+Mikel Kirk android smart watch? It is compatible with android but from what I have seen it was developed on iOS and is compatible with iOS. It wasn't recently kick started either, that started almost a year ago and they have already started shipping to backers. Backer orders will be completed in march and then they start shipping to anyone and everyone.
even if it seems that there's loads of poeple out there that don't want or don't understand the Principe and , benifits of a smartwatch, → l still bet that in two years from now the majority of us will be wearing such an contraption.
^^ that's what apple does best
MUST .... NOT ... FAP!!! (as the reference to the picture, as well as to most of the comments here)
Nope, won't buy shit from apple....Fuck apple...
for all of us who have spent years whacking away on keyboards until our wrists gave out, this can't be good news. sounds like a torture device that adds insult to injury. fix mountain lion, and I'd be happy.
I want Google Glasses. Or even better, iris smartcells ;D (see 'Great North Road by Peter F. Hamilton)
They must provide valuable information about iWatch to convince consumers that it's worth it.
Like many, I stopped wearing a watch when I got an iPhone.
Since there's no reports whatsoever, beyond that Apple is rumored to be making a watch - How can anyone tell if they'd buy one or not? It all depends on what it will do, right? 
+GlowHost Are you kidding? Apple has created some of the most loyal following, that will buy anything the company will bring out. Just look at the iPhone 5 with very few changes from 4S, or even worse, the 4th generation iPad, which had... I am not even sure what they did there. Anyway, this is all rock'n'roll star behaviour, that Apple is indulging into, while it's still full in fame.
+Greg Kail you're being very silly. Apple's sold about half a billion iOS devices. Are you seriously claiming all those sales are to some sort of cult? That's ridiculous.

As for the iPhone 5, it is much faster than the 4S. Same with the 4th gen iPad, much faster.

not just iSheep but fastionestas  too although to be fair a lot of families of iSheep get pulled in by presents and 'knowledgeable' iSheeps . Very few people recognize that Apple is better for them because they don't understand technology than because it's the 'new' thing.
Sony already made one. It connects to most android phones.
+Ricardo Vicente Yeah, but that received extremely negative reviews by most people. And it had a poor battery life.
There were also crappy mp3 players before Apple gave us the iPod. 
No, there were no decent mo3 players before the iPod. There were a lot of crappy ones, and some were REALLY crappy, but there is a reason the iPod dominated that market.
Who wants a watch when Google's project glass is coming.. everything will be right there in front of your eyes
I already have a smart watch. Its so smart that it has my calendar, tasks, photos, camera & internet. Heck it can even make phone calls. I usually keep it on my pocket. The dumb watch I wear on my hand is just a fashion accessory.
Apple is late to the game. Everyone seems to forget the Android based products that are already being produced.
+Iain Baker No, I remember the other piece of crap MP3 players very well, and they were total crap compared to the iPod. As for "apple is late to the game", +John Kirsopp  Apple hasn't announced a watch, this is nothing more than speculation. No one knows if there is a 'watch' or  what that 'watch' might be if or when it ever comes out.
I'd hate to be one of those people with such limited imagination that they can't see the potential of this and it's amazing to me to think a comic strip from the 40's had such insight.
+Michael Smith  There is a potential  in any wearable computers and for many different scenarios,  And where do you think they innovators got their ideas  from   ... How many things have been developed from the book "20,000 leagues under the sea" or even "Star Trek, Star Wars and many other scientific  movies of old ......Look now at the light tractor beam
being developed ....  Years ago it was insane ,but today it is becoming reality  
There are so many smart watches out there already. How can Apple make it more attractive?
They said the same thing about MP3 players .... Apple was late to the game with the iPod. And look where that went ? +Macy Kuang 
+Macy Kuang sadly the only thing needed for it to succeed is by putting the Apple logo on the stuff~
+Lewis Butler I know that the "iWatch" or "whatever" is a rumor. I think the difference in reaction is fascinating:

Android based smart-watches are made 
Media's reaction? - meh.

Apple rumored to be making a wrist-wearable iDevice
Media - OMGWTFBBQ! Innovative! Wow! Everyone will NEED one! Game changer! 
Would I have to wear a yellow raincoat?
Well, the media is stupid. I don't see actual people reacting that way. 
I am a watch whore so yes would buy and wear while driving my Alfa Romeo 8C
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