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This could be the world’s first 3D-printed car -
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so cool nice tech how much does the 3d printer cost
Headline: World's First 3D Printed Car Looks Like Vase
Ha that is true and all but the tech is so awesome
D Man
Yeah I want one
thats awesome, artists could print crazy cars out of their computers
Remember that Einstein did not develop the Atomic bomb. Nobody calls/called him a fraud. who developed it? It was the best and brightest scientist (American &non-American). It was the full resources of USA.

Seach videos under "MEHRAN CASHE". He offered revolutionary way for space travel (not by rochet but by Anti-gravity machine).
More awesome wd be to print car at once, not parts one by one :-)
It would 3D print the chassis, not all the major components. It would just make it feasible to help re-engineer manufacturing with more stability and less labor-intensive parts (less assembly line in the beginning stages).
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