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Google Music launches its iTunes Match-like scan-and-match feature in the U.S. -
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I wish they would announce a music subscription service.
Anyone know what quality Apple and Amazon stream your music back to you at?
If it's anything like the supposed scan-and-match service in the UK; prepare to be disappointed.
Meanwhile in Europe... only five supported countries...
does it automatically kick in via the music manager?
Too bad Google Music doesn't work in Canada :(
Its been available since launch of nexus 7. Its a hidden app. Defrost it using Titanium backup on rooted devices.
Wait for it......did you hear it? It was the sound of iTunes being brutally defeated. That was cold, very cold +Google , you could have given apple a heads up, "Yeah so we will be taking your entire market share."
+Mike Keller I use Google Music in Canada
You just need to set it up with a US VPN, after that it will work fine 
doubtful +Timothy Pleines .  I love google services but its going to take a lot more than Google Music (a feature not many know about) to break the iTunes behemoth.
+Andrew Graceffa I am sure that Google has some more surprises planned for iTunes and I do agree that taking out iTunes cannot be done in one move, but I would certainly bet my money on Google, they seem unstoppable right now. It is like they have been playing a aggressive and precise game of chess- making one move but having the next 20 moves planned, they cannot make their next move until Apple makes their move. They are also playing five dozen other games of chess at the same time. 
+Mike Keller 
You can search for "free US VPN" or use this one
It will make it look like you are in the US so you can setup your account after that you shouldn't need it unless you are buying music.
AND the race for sameness is on. I hate to be a pessimist, but iTunes, Google Music and Amazon are all practically clones of each other. Each only has minor differences.
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