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Is M$ biting the hand that feeds them? I'd certainly say so....
Fuck No!  Microsoft recently lost me. I'm talking a month ago.....
I'm going to upgrade to a Lumia 920 as soon as it's available on AT&T.  If my upgrade weren't available for a few months then I would be interested in that.

The Zune HD was excellent hardware (even if it didn't sell well), and so far I'm really liking my Surface, so I would absolutely consider a new WP8 phone by them if it were available at the time I upgraded.
Microsoft will throw money at it until it can compete. Just like they did with xbox. 
Yes. Look at apple. They make good (and not original, haha) products. 
Yes, but with restrictions - extension of pc, low price, good camera, and can install Linux
nope. what a clunky and under-powered operating system
If it ran android, cost cheaper and had better hardware than competing phones, maybe. If it runs bob v2 (aka metro), is locked to Microsoft software and services, absolutely no, it doesn't even matter the price. 
I don't think I will buy it. As a matter of fact, I don't think I will buy any +Microsoft Windows 8 +Microsoft Surface at all. The company is trailing behind in the mobile platform. To be fair however, I've heard and read good reviews about the product. So, probably I should say “never say never". 
No, but I don't subscribe to the Microsoft 'ecosystem' in any way.  My computers run Linux and I use all of Google's online systems, so I'm better off with Android.
Nexus 4: $300, so powerful and it comes with Android 4.2. So... no, thanks. 
Oh, and ain't stuck to MS' services. 
Feel sad for Nokia. #Not  
I never understand why they choose windows instead android, or finish meego
Maybe 3 years ago I would have
The new benchmark is the Nexus 4. Unlocked no contract, cutting edge specs, for $300. Good luck trying to match that. 
Same with the Nexus 10. The highest resolution tablet on the planet and first and only tablet to truly replace print. With a screaming Exynos 5, good luck for anyone trying to match that for $400. Game set match.
When they get rid of Bing I would consider it.
depends on what the updates look like. After getting burned on my Atrix 4G I'm cautious to buy any smartphone again. 
Atrix 4G, what in the world is that? stick to a main stream phone and you will be happy
the Motorola Atrix 4G was a "main stream phone", in fact it was a flagship device. It just had a manufacturer with a short attention span. If anything it was far more mainstream than any windows phone.
Oh, now I know what your talking about. 
no thanks, don't like the feel of an extremely colorful and square OS
I would, but not until my upgrade is available. Life my iPhone, hated my Android (bad experience), would be willing to give a WP8 phone a chance.
No. What Microsoft should do is withdraw their licensing agreements with Nokia etc (if possible) and buy the flailing BlackBerry franchise. They should use the blackberry name to cater to businesses and brand their consumer smartphone as the Xbox Phone.
Microsoft as seen apples success and is following in there footsteps providing not only the software but hardware now too, and they will use other manufactures to flood the market with windows phone. Guess I can't hate, business is business. But ill still be selling my androids for a bb10 device.
+Eric Nestico RIM/Blackberry holds more smartphone market share then both Nokia, Microsoft, and also more then a lot of android manufactures. And will be releasing a new OS in jan. 2013, I wouldn't say blackberrys dying.
Actually for me RIM already died 2 years ago or so
RIM has close to 3 billion in the bank, no debt, over 80 million users, sold 8 million devices last quarter, and is still the top selling phones in many country's around the world. I wouldn't say there dying, far behind iOS and android yes, but not dying.

On another note, good luck to Microsoft and the surface phone it'll do better then the manufactures devices if they release it. 
Ryan S
Won't happen successfully
I would, if it comes to Sprint.
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