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At $1,018*, the Surface Pro is priced just right -
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Good luck trying to steal apple customers Microsoft. 
Let's see...
- Nice video panel
- Good touch screen sensitivity
- Full Windows capabilities
- Full tablet capabilities
- Nice low-profile keyboard
- And only for +$1,000 and it's yours...  

Um, Windows laptop @ $400 and 10.1 Android tablet @ $300.  Why wouldn't you want to spend an extra $300 for the convenience??? 

Yikes.  Who would buy this thing?  Not I.
Too many people are comparing this to an iPad or other tablet, when in reality it's most apt comparison is to something more like a MacBook Air.  Not a home run, but not unreasonable either for what it is.
People need to be educated into understanding that this is not a mere tablet, this is a full fledged computer whose main input method is its touchscreen, but that is also supports keyboard and mouse interfacing.
doesn't compare to the nexus 7.  Microsoft won't get past 5% market share.
It's too expensive for my wallet, so it's not priced 'just right'.
that's over priced...
I edit video on a linux machine with a slower processor and less ram than the Air. Works fine. What's the beef about the Air (and presumably anything slower) being useless for content creation!
Hmmm... I bought a ASUS TF700 tablet with keyboard for $600.  I'll pass.
This looks like a fantastic product. As an artist I would definitely buy this over my next laptop. 
I want someone's opinion: Should I buy this product?
+Merle Reine I am an android user myself but honestly I don't see android tablets is anywhere close to surface pro in terms of versatility and processing power. This is what a true tablet should be if it has to replace pc 
Tablets don't replace computer. They are consumption devices not creation devices.
+Merle Reine That is very subjective, and largely not true. It depends on what you do. After Effects and 3DS Max? No, probably not. Web based stuff and office? It probably could.
The price is right for testing the price sensitivity of the market and to see how willing people are and makes room to give users a perception of a good deal/discount! ;-)
+Merle Reine That doesn't really apply here. Since this runs Windows it can create just as well as a laptop can. 
I didn't quite understand, what spec of the surface (other than touch and OS) is different than the low end MBA? they have the same processor, same amount of RAM, same HDD size and same graphic chip :s
Its all good until you try to type on your lap. 
You forgot the rest of the heading let me finish if for you, - if it had 8gb of ram and a 128GB ssd
Businesses are going to use these instead of laptops or iPads in the field. Its so portable and it can run all those business programs no tablet can. That is who this tablet is designed for.
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