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A win for anonymous trolls everywhere! 
Facebook's thorny relationship with Europe and European lawmakers took another barb in the side yesterday as German's Data Protection Commissioner issued a ruling that Facebook's real-name...
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Now, I get perpetually baited to pound myself with a hammer. It makes me feel evil?
Interesting.. thanks for the information...    Google stated that one of the reasons for reworking its rating system was to crack down on anonymous reviews.  This will be interesting to see what the long term impacts are.
+Daniel Eißner nobody is forced to use Facebook. Facebook should have the right to impose any rule they want in their own social network as it's a private company. Why should the governement dictate how to run your life and business? This is bad for freedom.
+Daniel Eißner an anonymous post is actually an invasion much like "breaking and entering" in my opinion.
There are two sides to this issue. While being anonymous does increase the likelihood of trolling or people just being plain rude in a society where speaking out on some controversial subject might hurt your career prospects (employers might pass on you without you even knowing that was the reason) being anonymous also allows one to be more honest. 
I should add that in case of FB I prefer real names, but that doesn't mean this should be the policy of every online forum. For example, at one point I worked for a social network of physicians & this one a major point of contention. While the company's execs wanted to switch to using real names the doctors who were the users of the site revolted & for very good reasons. Being anonymous allowed them to be honest without worrying about law suits in the very litigious environment they operate in.
+Daniel Eißner if you care about your privacy then don't use Facebook, it's that simple. Nobody forces you to use Facebook. Telling people how they should run their life and business is Fascism. Also Facebook doesn't sell your information to anyone, they sell ad placement and use the information they have to place these ads but at no points do their advertisers have access to your information. Same thing with adsense.
+Marát Rýndin you sound like the CG flight surgeon that prescribed Actafed for my stomache complaint. (It's true.)
PS I'm outta other things to do.
Can someone give me the argument for why a court should have a say in this?? It's Facebook's system and an individual has the right to join or not to join. If the court sees that the network has grown to a size where an individual loses this decision power, then I think we have a whole different problem to discuss.

I'm really confused/concerned on this one.
+Daniel Eißner Facebook doesn't sell your data, do you know how facebook ads even work? Advertisers pay facebook so Facebook can show you their ads. But these ads are run on facebook *servers*, advertisers have no idea on whose profile they appear. Do you have any source that says Facebook sells your data? That could send Mark Zuckerberg to jail. Maybe you should call the authorities if you have such proof he is selling your data cause that would be illegal.

As for fascism, how do you call it when a government tell people how they should run their private life and businesses? Call it what you want but it sure is anti-freedom.
+Kai Edinger of course it's simple, life is made of compromise. I grew up in third world countries where people have barely enough to eat and you're telling me leaving facebook is a hard choice? I call bullshit on that sir.
+Kai Edinger that's not what I said at all. You said leaving facebook was hard which seems ridiculous to me. Leaving facebook is just a couple of clicks away, reading such absurdities makes me smile when I know what hard choices actually are for having lived in third world countries. You are so spoiled if you think leaving facebook is hard, go travel a bit to learn what hard choices really are. Do you really need a law from your government because doing a couple of clicks is hard? That is ridiculous.
+Daniel Eißner, I don't know what you're talking about. The data? This is simply forcing FB to allow users to have fake names. That has nothing to do with data already loaded under a legitimate name.

Please clarify.
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