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Google has it covered. Why must Apple have everything?  We do not need to re-invent the wheel,here!
Noze P.
None of the google apps are blocked, so why this would be?
I'll be switching to Android the beginning of December anyway.  :)
Because maps are big big potential money earners on mobiles +Noze P. 
Why should google apps be blocked..when MAPS are superior to those of case you did not get my drift.
OMG! If Apple blocks Google Maps for iOS... there will be no doubt that Apple is the NEW MICROSOFT! 
Still wondering why the EC authorities don't act in the map case like they acted in the workstation browser case and make it mandatory to offer different solutions. But banning a maps app will be all the FTC needs to cut the apple into pieces.
And of course everone knows that Apple is running out of money,eh?  Please.  The competion is fine, but really.  There is so much this world..or should i say country than maps that are specifically made by APPLE! But since everything is outsourced and offshore accounts are still legal, why should any I-phone owner have any compassion for the USA.
This is why it was right for Google to go their own way with Android rather than being at the mercy of the stewards of the walled garden.
No I don't think they'll block it, but they'll take some time to approve it...
A droid is fine for me.  It´s almost "trendsetting" in the U.S! ,to see such a cheapass with a droid!
I meant me of course!  I have the droid.
Get a Nexus 4 and you'll never have to wonder.
...this tiresome Apple-Superior-Inferiority-Complex-Blah-Blah. Yaaaawwwnnn...(Not the comments!:)
They better approve it! I have no sense of direction!
I still use iOS for apps and entertainment, but if I needed a phone and mobile communication device it would be a +Nexus Android device.
Im sure they will block it they cock block anything good
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