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Do you agree with Steve Wozniak saying Microsoft has become more innovative than Apple? 
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In a short time? Yes. They had to catch up with apple somehow. Think about the new releases from apple as of late. None of them are that unique. Mostly hardware changes.
Brian B
All I have to say is WOW.....not a user friendly face =P
Haven't followed PC tech since I bought my first Apple product.
Nope, Apple is still more innovative than Microsoft.
About the only arm of Microsoft that has innovated lately is the Xbox/Kinect group. Even that has progressed slower than I would like. But OS, phone, tablet, Office, Server, AD...all have been behind the times and haven't revolutionized anything lately.
Kenny Gee
Every company is more innovative than Apple. Apple is more into fine tuning existing components, rather than finding the "next best thing."
YES. Yes I do, but that's been the las 3 years at least
Anyone sick of the PC or Apple arguements?  It is a personal preferance.
At this current point in time, i would have to agree 100%. Good call wozzy.
Church! - 3:30 on - Words of Wisdom from The WOZ
Apple, specifically IOS devices (glorified mp3 players), are great consumer devices, but they are not and have not been innovative for years. "We just sort of had a formula for making money and we kept running it and making the same machines." 
Yes I do,
Microsoft has been better than apple from the start, with their indestructible products & their Orginality and Genius
Kenny Gee
Wow. I'm an avid Apple naysayer... But you HAVE to love the Woz. Everything he says, you can relate to and understand. No B.S., no bias. What an amazing guy. 
I agree based on what I find more entertaining in terms of mobile, windows looks a lot more fun and interesting than iOS.
+Ken Lombard Surface Pro is the first true tablet to feature a full professional OS. So that's kinda innovative.
They've been taking more risk lately, that's for sure. 
Yes, he should become the CEO of Apple. Cook is being retarded with all the lawsuits. I don't think Wozniak would do that
Yes big-time
Translation is another example
He woz would you define "innovate". 
Despite not being a performance superstar, even the Surface RT is a pretty awesome device by itself. Still needs to mature a bit for general consumption, but it does bridge the gap between an ultrabook and a tablet, in a way that no other device potentially could. Having an open file system and an USB port did change my life considerably. 
+Zahi Kakish did ms catch up with apple or did apple just weaken and drop back? neither of them is showing the innovation they once did 
+David Miller As of late, MS is trying to catch up software wise with Apple and it is sort of working. Technology wise, they are trying new things, like with the surface tablet. I especially like how they ware working with many different manufacturers to incorporate their software more with their new OS. They are also trying to streamline their services to be more like Google. You can see that in how they are working with Xbox Live, their mobile OS, as well as with Windows 8.
Apple invented the iPod, iPhone and iPad. Others copied them.
Now after many years apple is starting to have some competition . Apple needs to step up and make something new.
It's going to be hard after revolutionizing the way we listen to music, use a phone and the Internet.
It's like apple invented the car and Microsoft copies it and puts wippers on it. Who is more creative.
The first tablet was a Microsoft was ignored over 10 years before the iPad.
+Steve St-Pierre

They may have invented those, but they weren't world changing. MP3 players have been around for awhile and smart phones came before the iPhone. MS created the first tablet in 2002.

Just sayin'
Woz is that embarrassing uncle you hope won't get too drunk at thanksgiving 
+Dan Tavares hit it in the head. Apples popularity is due to the I line of devices, a closed eco and file system, and a "universal" serial bus that's anything but universal. MS and Google haven't caught up, Apple stopped running. By closing themselves off they reaped the benefits of the early stages of the digital age, but they cut themselves off from the features and possibilities that other companies have used to gain traction.
Woz backed up Kim Dotcom....he was alright...and I hate Apple.
Long live the Woz!!!!!!!!!!
Apple did not invent iPod either; really a good story about a guy who was ignored by his previous employer..
Hardware apple wins. - but software I'd have to give it to Microsoft. Win-8 is huge. 
Seobi Y
Partly I agree with his saying. But I will see whether MS does upgrade WP8 after launching WP9. If they won't do that, they will lost their many customers and never success.
Woz is a legend but he'll say anything
Microsoft does seem to be putting lots of emphasis on some good, innovative products now. But, consumers have moved on to better avenues, as MS for too long just were lazy idiots busy collecting cash from their Windows and Office product sales, instead of trying to push the envelope
I'm an early adopter. I purchased the very first iPhone and have owned one up until a week ago. Now feeling the same as Wozniak, I purchased a Nokia Lumia 920. While there's a lot of refinement to be made and a lot more apps needed, I think windows phone 8 is poised for greatness. 
MS is a great company, but MS vs Apple is not the only game in town. They both have issues and I am an Apple guy!
yes and no.  yes Microsoft is becoming more aggressive than Apple with their products after falling behind to Apple's innovation. no Microsoft hasn't done anything "game changing" yet besides attempt to bundle and force their products down the throats of their desktop OS users. 
The apple newton in 1993 was the first!
But who cares, all this new competition will bring cool new stuff.

I think that in recent time apple has been a bit slack, as far as Microsoft though there software has stepped it up lately.. if I was being generous I'd say they where even let's just see who can take that next HUGE step
Yes....right now. In like two years Apple will come up with some brilliant device that everyone will want and then they'll be ahead again.
Yes MS is doing do great they just whacked the guy responsible for Windows 8, Windows RT and Surface. What looks like innovation is actually desperation.
WTF?! Microsoft doesn't innovate. Hasn't in ages. They assimilate... and then screw it up.
Yes they are, and they are also going to produce more developers than apple 
When the driving force behind the company becomes a person who is non-technical and is out for money rather than innovation, companies stagnate. The best they can do is earn money. Innovation is a secondary goal. What business leaders today don't seem to see is that innovation is what brings in money.
i agree microsoft is as innovative as apple. they both rehash the same ideas and call them revolutionary.
Currently using Windows 8 Pro, the smoothest upgrade yet.
100% agree. Apple doesn't do much, they just sugar coat their bullshit and the idiot consumers buy it up. 
He's been out in the sun too much or something.

Oh wait... LOL! I get it, it's a prank from Woz. No one could be stupid enough to think the words "innovative" and "microsoft" go together. 
Microsoft is better in everything. They try to create new things in a short time. 
Apple hasn't come up with a new device in years. Moving the headphone jack from one location to another does not make it new. They've been sitting on their laurels for too long and MS has taken advantage of it. Slow and steady, people, slow and steady... 
The passing of Steve Jobs has let the team at Apple unravel. They have made a critical mistake with the iPad mini. The termination of Scott Forstal was a sign of the change in how Apple works now. They are focused on the perception of their clients instead of innovating products and software. Of course the growth of Apple has increased the pressure to perform and the onslaught of quality products from Microsoft, Google, Samasung, and others has made Apple flinch.

I truly miss the passion of Steve Jobs and his ability to ignore reality and push forward his dreams and extend his teams ideas through his filter of quality.

Do I agree with Steve about Microsoft? No, I am not sure that Microsoft has passed Apple in the fields of innovation. It is more like Apple has pulled over and hopefully rethinking its role as a leader in quantity and focusing on the role of quality.
What the hell has Microsoft done? Revamped their old tablet effort, with multi touch hardware... Masked the Windows interface with a bunch of squares... It's not that big of a deal... You know what makes it a big deal? Not that they have done so much lately, it's that prior to that they haven't done squat for so long... Windows 8 is Windows 9 Beta, when Windows 9 drops, they will be a force, Windows 8 is just a half step but it's been made by a company that has been dormant for so long, it seems like it's leaps and bounds... It's just perception. 
I do agree. Microsoft has caught on, they've learnt and now they're applying that knowledge.
They've become accessible, flexible and just really nice and simple to use.
Good time to buy shares.
Ummm. Apple stopped doing shit while Jobs was still here... 
James, spoken like a true Apple fanatic who has no idea how much under the hood work was done in W8.  I would trust the Woz to actually be looking at more than just the surface.
My ring finger is more innovative than crApple...
+John Ireland if you think I'm an Apple fanatic, you better do some research their buddy... Calling fanboy on everyone that doses reality is a cop out. 
Absolutely. Too many loyal users on Apple's platform that would be disruptive if they innovated too radically.
+John Ireland matter of fact, I firmly believe that a good portion of Apple's success is because the alternative (that would be Microsoft) sucks so bad... If they would put out a better product, they could easily take back what's been lost to Apple... 
+Matt Weasel Thank you for your intelligent comparison, I was impressed how Android users generally excel in this field.  
For everyone who hasn't tried the new Windows 8 phones, tablets, or computers I think you may want to take a second look. The integration is there, from my Xbox to my desktop, the integration with Windows home server, the new surface tablets and phones are really bringing everything together. The applications will come to live tiles quickly, at least as fast as they came to android. I'm an android fan, but this new direction that Microsoft is taking is truly impressive. I've had several conversations with my peers who have the same opinion. Give Microsoft a year and the landscape is going to change in their favor. 
I don't know if their there yet but I think their headed in that direction. It sort of sucks for apple without Steve Jobs in the flesh.

Woz raises a good thought. One could make a strong case that since the iPhone has arrived, which is a great product, all Apple has done is leverage the heck out of this by coming out with dumbed down different form factors (pod, iPad and mini). Nothing wrong with this but very little innovation. 
MS has always been more innovative than Apple.
maybe not on the hardware side, which is what everyone is probably pointing too and saying NOOO!! but on the platform side, and the developer tools side, without a doubt, azure blows my mind, skydrive is one of the best cloud storage systems on the net, bing-it-on proves bing is a pretty reputable search tool, and you have to realize bing was wayyy late to the search game, and to even shake a stick at google's search was probably a monumental undertaking, VS2012 is awesome, the ASP.Net stack going open source is huge, MVC is amazing, Entity Framework is a great ORM, TFS is huge... MS is without a doubt an innovator, but apple and microsoft are innovating different things.
James your description of W8 indicates you don't even have a rudimentary grasp of what they have actually done in the system.  It is far more than a skin over W7, so your kneejerk assessment labels you as a fanboy.  As does the tired cliché of "every other release is good" that you used.  W8 is a very innovative rewrite of the basic Windows system and sets up for a tremendous amount of growth and development... not "just a bunch of squares" as you put it.  MS has also offered a new alternative to the Apple/Google paradigm of your tablet is an overgrown phone by coalescing the tablet and pc market with W8.
apple hasn't innovated anything since the Ipone.
Er Vin
if surface keyboard and metro is what it takes to be innovative these days then i dont want to live in this world anymore
edit: and windows 8 is the most innovative failure since vista
Whatever... Ubuntu is the future!
Microsoft is bloat in a box.
Apple gets ideas and names from others.
+Robert Carrasco Microsoft is doing good things right now... Some way somehow they always fuck it up though... I'm hoping they don't but I'm not entirely optomistic...
It was inevitable! After the death of Steve Jobs, Apple lost their mojo!
Apple will always win the race
+Steve St-Pierre The Apple Newton is not the first tablet, it is a Personal Digital Assistant. And even if you insist that it is a tablet, it's still not the first. The Linus Write-top is a tablet that existed years before the Apple Newton.
+Ninad Pradhan what research shows that the iPhone 5 is the current "best" phone? All market trends show that the Galaxy S III has outsold the shit out of the iPhone, even since its release. 
Given the latest product launches from Apple, I am inclined to agree with Wozniak. I have tested Windows 8 and OS X Mountain Lion (I own the latter) and can say that Windows 8 is quite fun to use and the direction it points to seems promising. 
Wow. Woz is desperate for attention. 
Windows 8 is a two in one OS (Win 7 + Metro tiles), which makes me think either Sinovsky was a genius to create a hybrid system to facilitate the upcoming mass exodus to tablets (a bet at best), or it was among the biggest tech mistakes in history in that it's alienated most of their current users and scared away future customers. I think their saving grace is opening it up to third party developers because they'll bring it back up to snuff. 
KC Khoo
Woz is on TEDx !! ... :)
In technology is not a thing u just do easier you ve to search properly to come up with special,we have to surpport them....
The bet doesn't even have to be on tablets, it is on touchscreens.  Use W8 on a touchscreen enabled laptop (traditional form factor) and you will see how useful it is.  Given that the majority of purchases for PC now are laptop or the like, it is a good bet.  My wife has left her iPad behind and wants my Surface, my students constantly want to try out and use my W8 equipped devices... MS has got a lot of momentum building.  My wife's response to her iPhone5 when she got it and I asked if she liked it "I guess, it is just like my iPhone4, so I know how it works."... not exactly a screaming endorsement of innovation.  My response in moving from WP7.5 to WP8... damn, look at the integration.
Steve Wozniak just wishes his last name was Jobs, not Wozniak. He is Wozniak in the head. SO I DONT AGREE!!!
Win 8 is crap! Mac OS has nothing to fear, except being able to keep the OS updated with less defects. Long live UNIX.
Yes... Ever since Steve Jobs died the company has started going down. 
Competition brings out the best.
+John Ireland except I couldn't give two fucks about Apple...

They are still working on their vision of one device for multiple uses... I was actually a fan of their old tablet movement... I have three, working machines in my house right now, two Toshibas and a Lenovo...

Oh and please, do tell what have they done with "the system" I'm waiting, and please don't let it be the same tired thing I've been hearing all over about how it's the same underlying this and that across all platforms, please go more in depth, what? I'm asking for knowledge, please give me a rudimentary grasp (and telling me I'm too dumb, or it would be too long or linking me to some other article are all cop outs, you, please, do tell)

Microsoft is a me too company that uses their vast resources from their enterprise grip to try and force their way into markets others are succeeding in... In doing so they are a jack of all trades master of one... Google makes money with their search engine, we'll do Bing, Apple makes money with a closed system making their own hardware, let's do that... Look at all the multi touch smartphones, let's do that... Except they show up two years late to every party.... But they have the resources to keep pushing at it so onward...

That said, some pretty slick hardware coming from their partners and I would be interested in that ASUS Windows 8 thing...

However, are they overly innovative? Hell no... They are just arriving right on time, two years late as usual...

Why even write this article, it's more that people, even mainstream people are beginning to notice that Apple has been just as dormant, and that they don't, actually, shit gold and roses... 
Not really, more like Microsoft has largely caught up. It's the OEMs who are being innovative with new form factors. Surface isn't really innovative.

That said, Apple hasn't had a real innovation except probably in their new homegrown processors.
The correct question is "How much is your finger worth?"

Certainly not Apple, not even half an instagram.
Best is yet to come from Microsoft. Keep innovating, guys. Thanks for Windows 8.
Windows 9 will fix many of the Windows 8 complaints and it will be much better... Now whether they can get that out in a year, or two or three, remains to be seen 
Windows is better than Apple.
Yes I agree. While #Apple is busy telling everyone how they designed their #Iphone5 to be that "perfect" size (with their 'thumb' ad), #microsoft   has countered by advertising that they make a #phoneForEachofUS   instead of one phone for ALL of us. There's a reason why people call them sheep.

Even the surface proves that they are building on the right blocks - using a clever keyboard. While Apple and their fans are in full denial mode saying the keyboard is unnecessary and going to great lengths to explain what a "tablet" is. First, it was not a "computer" when it could not print. Now it"s not a computer again when it does not come with a keyboard as an option that was designed for as well.
Apple and Microsoft is the only two companies he knows?
After the "fad" of apple has taken many stupid ass people for the loop of shiny cases we can get back to paying attention to real computing power. Apple was NEVER the lead of any computing innovation besides public relations. That relationship is strictly fanboys of a shiny case. I was there. I seen it happen. I seen it die. Prove me wrong and I will admit my guilt. At least me saying that won't get my ass sued.
Can't wait for MS to make a comeback. Sick of crab apples...
MS has taken a big step, if they can just not worry so much about monetizing office products they could take the mantle
With stuff like Kinect, I agree with the innovation part, but Microsoft still releases shitty products.
You know Windows is the bread and Office is the butter right? 
For me its equal...have the best technology, respectively
If my finger= apple, (because we seem to be speaking metaphorically here) then my finger is worthless but im selling it for $999.99
+Mohamed Rafiq have you seen the tech the Woz luggs around in his backpack? Half of the products in there are android.
I think Windows offers computers at a economic price, but when it comes to the real stuff; I don't think Windows can hang! I have a Windows7 Dell XPS with and i7 processor and 8GB of ram from the factory; When it comes to making music, the computer starts popping and hanging-up. But that is when i am running many plug-ins and high quality vocals. I know each computer has a limit, but Windows doesn't allow user to use all of their processor power. I think they do this so that the computer doesn't crash! I bet Apple has a lot of crashing pc's.  I have a i5 processor with 6GB and I upgraded that to the max of 16GB, and I still ran into the same problems. It is the processor, not the ram that is the problem now! So I took that 16GB back! It just depends on what the user is using it for that makes the official choice of using a mac or pc. I love Windows because I am familiar with how it works. I used a friends mac and I was quite lost. I may be getting a mac in the future, but I will still have a Windows around too!
I agree 100%. They are doing great things at MS lately. Nice of a change
I have learned to never trust a guy wearing a hard rock cafe T-shirt. 
Yea! Recently apple product are not unique indeed.
+Mohamed Rafiq Of course not. Are you not aware that he's also using Android devices? Woz is an engineer's egineer. A lover of technology. Wozniak knows more about tech than all of us in this thread combined.
I love apple's approach develop a cool product then change it just enough that people have to buy the new version every 10 to 12 months. Hell yes Microsoft is more innovative.
Come on.. Apple has innovate a lot in patent trolling..! That's the way to go..
The fact that you managed 2 "great"'s in less than 2 sentences makes me think this is not an unbiased article. He isn't great. He's smart, and knows how to sell apple. That doesn't make him great.
Lee J
I love Woz, but I'm not sure it's time to say that at this point. Like MS after Bill left, there is still some momentum. 
+Dennis Gutowski What are you talking about? Steve Jobs is the salesman/visionary, Wozniak is the technical brains of Apple. Wozniak singlehandedly invented the Apple I and II computers.
It's time for MS. Woz've known Jobs and Gates as well . I thought Apples knew themselves too.
I would have to concur. Microsoft really needed to step up and they have with the 920.
+Bervick Colaco I couldnt agree with you more. Windows phone is extrmely innovative and useful, and people cant judge it until they use it and make it their own; something you cant do with iphones.

As for the tablets, microsoft has made a path for companies to make the perfect bridge between what we know as tablets, and computers that do real work.
Steves Job's late 80's vision of an extremely portable computer that can fit in your hands has NOT been shown in the iPad. The iPad runs on a mobile OS and is really just a giant iPhone (which is not a good thing.) The surface creates its own platform of what tablet computers need to be (IMO). It is not a giant windows phone but it is also not an ultrabook. And yes, the touch/type cover IS innovative. The surface pro will be an amazing piece of technology, and will have huge potential.
People need to realize that microsoft is showing us the future, and if we continue being apple fanboys, (please excuse me using that phrase) we will become puppets in a marketing scheme, not humans of real progression.
Microsoft is immeasurable.
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probably tech . microsoft god company -explorer !! a to apple to 1 years programs install interes digital klips i iphone -+to google inc ............macbook amazon ?? and.......
probably tech . microsoft god company -explorer !! a to apple to 1 years programs install interes digital klips i iphone -+to google inc ............macbook amazon ?? and.......
Microsoft is a little bit more innovative then Apple at this time I think
in·no·va·tion   [in-uh-vey-shuhn]  
1. something new or different introduced:
in·no·va·tion   [in-uh-vey-shuhn]  
1. something new or different introduced:

What is new or different about apple? The biggest change they have made is change the logo from rainbow to silver. 
Absolutely true. Witness how much Apple spends on R&D as a proportion of income compared to Microsoft, Google or Samsung. Apple are in the office furniture / gadgets market. Its software - e.g. i-tunes has hardly changed in 5 years.... 
windows 8 has multiple legitimate design and usability flaws right now and all of them remain unaddressed. the windows developers ignore people who bring issues up when they could easily fix them.
Actually, neither of them are particularly innovative.  It has been pretty well established that they both just steal the ideas of others and market them as their own.
Who care this might be kind good mabey they do some relly good work.
And if some one tell me to go fuck myself I already did :D
+Jason Roebel I agree - but on here any opportunity to take a sucker punch at Apple will never be missed.  It's a shame to be honest, because the big companies Apple Google etc. in the end could really careless. Whatever works for you works just fine with me.
He's right, though the innovation bar set by Apple is awfully low. 
Who here think's were going to see more crap or hopefully more good. : p
Believe me I know all about Nikon.  Grew up with F4's and F5's.  Now its just a Nikon Coolpix L18
Well Apples focus is marketing not innovation so sure, everyone is pretty much more innovative than Apple. :D
Ipad mini is the stupidest product yet.....reinvented the ipod , with a i the only one who saw that?
Mabey they were losing money and they had no other choice.
Absolutely, Apple has only consumer's products where Microsoft is covering whole spectrum. Apple is riding the same wave for quite a time now iPhone 5 is nothing new care to iPhone 4. Microsoft maybe wrong with Windows 8 (which I disagree) but it is new
Apple is similar to Hitlers rockets of mas destruction with an insufficient war head. They looked good and scared the life out of the market.Very Similar.
Let Apple develop products for the enterprise and see how well they do.
I wouldn't say they're more innovative yet. Finally gettin their act together while Apple is in transition would be more to the truth.
Only in the sense that Apple has stopped innovating, and that Microsoft isn't suing everyone with stupid lawsuits.

So yes, until Apple executives pull their head out of their ass, Microsoft is actually being productive...sort of. 
Apple, actually being ORIGINAL? And not just taping other people's ideas in a better package!?

Get out of town!
I love you iSheep who STILL can't see how little (if any) innovation Apple is responsible for. Being successful with a concept AFTER it was developed and brought to market (by someone else) doesn't equal innovation. At best, Apple makes a small improvement, abuses the patent system, makes enemies of everyone (including their hardware suppliers), then uses deceptive marketing to make you (not me) believe that they've done something special. They're not losing their shine, falling off their pedestal, or failing to innovate. They're just finally being seen for who they really are; a bunch of arrogant liars and thieves that get fat with YOUR money. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. All your wasted iDollars have only guaranteed that the rest of us have far superior products much sooner than we could have hoped and for that, I say thank you. Baaahhhh :-) Enjoy your last-gen "Retina" displays, crippled iOS operating systems, failing Maps solutions, dumbed down (and antiquated) interfaces, sub-par hardware, lack of choices and let's not forget the absurd prices you all happily pay for that package :-P
now the  future of apple 10 years later.....newest invention.... I STONE
Apple isn't innovative they have come out with the same products 4+ times in a row and put a different name on it. Look at the iPad mini it's a smaller iPad 2? Like really common apple.
Absolutely. Microsoft has some fantastic ideas and concepts. They are much more of an innovative company than Apple. Their failure is in marketing and execution of the final product. They have had several product concepts which were ahead of their time, but failed because they tried to be too technical and packed in too many little things and details into something which needed to be simpler (Windows Mobile for example, which had touch screens and stylus in the early 2000s). 
+Eric Whitehead Dude, the surface is hardly the " first true tablet" nor the first to have a pro OS. It's that sort of ignorant declaration that created the iPad and iPhone success. Windows tablets have been available, in force, for YEARS. Try doing 5 seconds of research before trying to sound like you know something. I can't believe 5 people have +1 that statement also. It's no wonder Apple is so rich. People will say and believe anything.
iOS (add a letter) iOBS (substitute a letter) Jobs ... RIP
+Dan Tavares Wow, this is my last comment because the ignorance here is more than I can stomach. I'm not sure how you define " open file system", but Android devices have provided USB support and accessible file systems since Android 3.0.
Steve Wozniak, who by the way is the technical genius of the two founders. Also has said the best people he knows seem to use Linux.
I also think he is a humble man, a greater genius than people give him credit.
That is why he needed Steve Jobs to get Apple off the ground.

People are dumb. Apple is adding things with this update that was done by the Zune 5 years ago.
can i hug u like this picture?
Microsoft has been saying this for a while as they've promoted windows 8. Their goal is to create a unified, touch enabled, yet peripheral agnostic approach that allows media and applications to work across mobile, desktop, and television. If they tackle that, Apple will have to put something truly amazing in the place of their current ecosystem to even come close to it.
apple is probably the leas innovative for it's size
The guy has brain damage from the plane crash he was in.
I like this guy but I think he's just drawing attention to himself with these comments. I love android better than iOS.

He wouldn't say theses things when he was apple
If you call windows 8 innovation, I must say it is bad innovation. 
Taking a brand loyalty thing serious is stupid

Apples greatest progress was during Steve job's time the invention of multi-touch and iOS were indeed great

And making it easier to pay and buy songs was a very awesome and new way to purchase software

Microsofts current innovation is the Start tiles, and they are working on something the seems to beat Apple and Google in the mobile device market in one stone!

Utilizing their already acquired spots such as HTML5 and standard system32 structure, they are no doubt going to be again the most used and purchased product for the next 10 years.
Unless google's android gets favorites to windows
+Vijay Pal Singh  I will consider your opinion some what right here at the moment. But if you look at he big picture and see the whole PC sale declining for last few years they are stepping into more mobile/portable computing industry. If Windows Vista was a disaster then windows 7 is the best windows yet same way its gonna work with the new innovation. we are not experts here but +Steve Wozniak , naa he can't be wrong.
It's not hard. Apple don't even innovate, they just re-release the same crap with a couple catchup features thrown in.
I think with Steve Jobs gone, Cook simply lacks the inspiration Jobs emanated. Coupled with a focus on taking current products and making hardware improvements and a few software capabilities here and there, Apple had fallen behind the day the HTC Thunderbolt came out and demonstrated their decline in innovation when the 4S shipped without LTE.
Its come to the time now that Apple will need to get into a new market area since they have repetitive innovation trends. They gained popularity in desktops, then music, then phones, but now, theyre gonna need a new focus. And it wont come from TV boxes since theyre already far behind on them already. Not autonomous cars, headset devices, infrastructure, or web utilities since thats Google. Phones seem to be heading towards Samsung, storage is already Seagate/WD, business computers and software for Microsoft, tablets are slipping away too.
But through the whole history of Apple, their biggest strengths have been advertising, design, and popularizing their version of an existing emerging technology. Maybe they can do something with networking? 
LOL Andrew Keen has no idea. What a douche.
Microsoft has not been inovative for the past 7 years. Windows 8 is a ways from being innovative.
ugh oh the wizard of woz has done it again
after a few years of the same old tech from apple and seeing the MS Surface and Windows Phone I would say yes...
Microsoft more recently has improved more than Apple but still i don't agree that they were more innovative in any way. There isn't a single Microsoft new product that takes over any Apple product, for instance the new surface is a great tablet, it is a big step since their last tablet but still the surface is a mere competent of the iPad. It is like if this were a level passing game, Microsoft would have moved from level 1 to level 3 while Apple stayed in level 3.
I hope you don't think the new iPhone is an innovative product, a longer screen, wow...
I don't know much about Steve Woznaik, but i'm sure know that Apple was never innovative, they just copy from others and later sue them. that's all Apple does. 
apple is putting out the same product every year with slight if any changes. even if Microsoft missed a few times they are at least innovative.
Ken S
Apple haven't done anything in thirty years, so yes.
Regurgitating the same iphone, ipod etc(with minor changes) over and over again, is hardly innovation. I would call what Apple do, catchup. Their spin is better than their products.
Microsoft and Innovative in the same sentence? Not a good idea, Woz.
Apple just spent what, seven years creating the Modern world and revolutionizing how we do things? And this goofball says what? I have yet to see anything MicroWannabe has done that's innovative. They're way back in catch up land, still using weird codes in a Unix world, limited apps and Wow! Can run two applications at once on a desktop! The man needs to try an Apple product. Or an Android product.

A good TED talk means little. Propaganda from a CEO charismatic enough to do propaganda. MS code will never run space missions or industrial plants. MS servers are popular, and as soon as they get unpacked the crap software is scrubbed out and Linux installed.

Laptop tablet? No innovation there. My 64 gig iPad has a case that carries a full Apple keyboard with. You want a tablet that's a full PC? The tech isn't here. Solid state drives are almost ready for prime time but not quite. I see nothing new.

A good PR/ Ad firm is not innovation. You've been duped like the KKK watching Fox News! Apples competition is Google lisencees. 
Apple seem to concentrated their efforts in the courtrooms these days. Sad
I just wish everyone would stop using the term PC to refer to non-apple computers. What you're talking about are the operating systems, Macs and PCs internals are essentially identical the only difference is whether you run Linux, Windows our OSX. Using the terms PC and mac make no sense, the difference is just a marketing term made up by Apple to differentiate themselves when they dropped power PC for Intel.
+Miranda Mandlate for tablets, look at Asus transformer series. They have been out doing iPads for quite a while now. Microsoft Surface is basically the same concept with an MS OS instead of Android.
+Doods De los Reyes Since 2003, Microsoft has always been ahead of Apple in terms of software, especially security since hackers prefer accountants computers instead of art students for targets. The OEMs, while creating the hardware, wouldn't have a unified OS unless MS made it to go on multiple variations. And Apples processors are from Samsung for mobile and Intel for their desktops and laptops. 
BTW, a new interface is not an innovative product. It just looks different. Microsoft still makes limited, not very useful machines. But they have decades of dupes who've been so abused by horrendously bad tech those poor souls really don't know any better. 
I think Apple pushed Microsoft to make a new, intuitive OS and Microsoft did it in a short span of time. Apple lost their innovativeness when Steve Jobs died. Apple was a dying company until Microsoft bailed them out and Steve Jobs went back to Apple. iOS was intuitive for 2-3 yrs, but then it stagnated. Google keeps adding new things to Android, and Microsoft took a major leap with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. So to Wozniak's point, Microsoft is more innovative than Apple at this point.
Apple patents a rectangle for a product, I might as well patent the human body, I'll be the richest man alive
Steve Wozniak is an asshole, thats why he is no more part of Apple, he thinks he is smart carrying so many gadgets same time, he is nothing just a fat ass. 
+Ninad Pradhan you've fallen into Apples marketing strategy brilliantly. A Retina display sounds nice, but its just a marketing term. Look at pixel density. My Asus Transformer infinity has a better display than an iPad. And the MS surface has a better resolution as well.
But to compare MS and Apple is somewhat difficult since other than Xbox and Kinect, MS more recently became concerned about hardware. Sincd Apple does their own software and hardware, you will want to separate Apple hardware vs. OEMs and Apple software vs. MS software 
+Junaid Kureshi He is a smart man. Most of the Apple products that were successful prior to both Steve's leaving Apple and the return of Steve,l Jobs, were though of and made by Steve Wozniak. 
In the recent months, Apple has not been meeting a lot of its customers' expectations simply because of its 'internal ordering of the house' especially after the huge gap Steve Jobs had left by his death.

On the other hand, you've got Microsoft, a company that originally had been focused on the production of PCs and their softwares.. But, after the appearance of tablets and the huge advance in mobile devices, Microsoft could not stand around watching Samsung and Apple dominate the market while it only focused on PCs.. Yes, it had to work at a faster pace to keep itself in the competition.

Both companies are great in terms of innovation, but recently I think Microsoft takes the lead..
I use PCs for work an MAC at home. IMHO for the moment yes, MSFT may be slightly more innovative but I'll take Apple's 99% as innovative and 100% more reliable recipe.
Out of the whole interview, is THIS what you got?
My God, you must be so blind to read between the lines.
Mark C
I thought the last thing Apple was ever innovative on was a mapping application that some people thought was disgusting. Besides don't Apple only hire lawyers?
Wait, when exactly was Apple ever innovative? Their approach is to refine someone else's ideas and patent them not innovate. 
Doesn't all companies has to become more innovative?
Too many cooks in the kitchen 
I honestly have no idea. Just need them to do the job.
The surface is very nice, if I thought tablets were at all useful, that would be on my wishlist.
The real news here is that someone still toughs Apple is innovative.
If you asked me this question 6 months ago In would say "No Way" but if you look at the suite of applications from Microsoft including xBox, Mobile, Windows 8, and Office365 (not a complete list) I think they are innovating at a faster pace than Apple in many more areas. Some areas, such as server platforms, innovate at a slower pace than other areas but I think that is a necessity of the particular area in question. 
I think Microsoft really innovates than Apple. Apple merely upgrades what is existing (mostly upgrading what other competitors already upgraded). Microsoft, as far as Windows 8 is concern, they made a bold move on creating Windows 8, something that other competitor may not do, and that really is Innovating. 

Innovating = To begin or introduce (something new) for or as if for the first time.

And that is what Microsoft did in creating Windows 8.
Yes I do agree with Steve Wozniak. Jobs' genius is being missed. Would getting Wozniak back at Apple not be something?
Apple is not innovative from the first place, they just take other design and patented it.
Apple might even be about to reach its peak in innovation and being ahead of their competitors.
Coming from somebody with little technical computer kowlede... Microsoft are certainly providing a stronger competition, but it cannot be denied that my poorly treated Macbook £1000 has lasted 3 years so far (and still fully functioning despite a very noisey fan) whilst my father has been through 3 Acer laptops with Microsoft operating system in the same period and treated them with the utmost respect.
I think being behind everyone else microsoft has had to pull out all the stops now they are creating a new style windows and phone touch and laptop experience well done i say
+Bryn Vowles while I agree that the quality of Apple's hardware is solid, you can't blame Microsoft for the quality of the Acer computer.  MS makes the OS only, Apple controls the entire product lineup.  
IOS is too limited. cant even support quad qore ora 2000++ mah battery
As long as every single product review of any product released by MS, hardware or software, will inevitably contain som form of the statement " - as soon as they iron out the bugs/the product matures/ [insert number greater than zero obvious flaws here] is addressed in an update release..." (MS then heroically proceeds to never deliver on that, moving on to new releases that get the same amendment to every review) No.
so true apple sputter they do good and stall pc just seem to get faster and faster and if like freeware there tons of it 
Seems like apple is just not innovating like windows is. 
Apple, like MS, are losing their knack for innovation. That's what made them so successful, but now they are hitting out with lawsuits and releasing simple incremental improvements as 'new' products. Foster innovation, take some risks on new tech and stop being a corporate douche Apple and I might start buying your products again.
Come on @stevewoz, I admire your free wheeling lifestyle but man it is time to get back into the game and engineer-the-shit out of a new technology that no one saw coming. Please.
Well do we see a real new product from Apple in the last 6 years?, no.
Love the direction that Microsoft its heading. 
Jobs is probably turning in his grave at what is happening to Apple - I'm an Apple Evangelist, and even I'm looking at the alternatives with a more open mind, especially for my phone needs!
Mr. Steve wozniak u getting old.
Jay A
I'd say Yes.
Microsoft is not innovative its the same old same old for example windows 8 is just windows 7 with a slightly better interface for touch screens  by the way I trailed windows 8 last year on beta and i've never seen such a ridicules os that trying to do what apple os can do.  Oh and those who are thinking about windows 8 don't bother buying it for your standard pc for full benefit you need a touch screen monitor or laptop.
Apple everything... Advertising, product launches, choice in business decisions, lawsuits... It's all been a joke since the death of Steve Jobs. They're not leading, they're rehashing and releasing the same products in different sizes, and any new features have been done, and are far from complete (Apple Maps, anyone?). I love Apple products. But this isn't Apple, and Windows 8 is a huge leap forward in interface design, courtesy of Microsoft? Who saw that coming? The Great and Powerful Woz is spot on.
Microsoft has definitely become more innovative than Apple, primarily because innovation is the only way for Microsoft's survival.Besides Apple is busy filing and fighting silly patent wars with it's competitors giving ample time to Microsoft re-strategize and churn out more innovative products.
And why would that be a worry? Isn't competition good?
This is neither agreeing or disagreeing with Steve, but no company can be innovating every waking moment
Apple = Made in China, controlled and censored.

PC = Freedom
+Shamoon Shahid They're both dictatorships when you stop to consider all of the implications of using both platforms.  Open Source, on the other hand, is really what democracy is all about.
i've seen alot of cool innovations from the MS guys online, i haven't seen one from Apple that didn't mention a phone
Apple = Business
Microsoft = Business

Let's not turn this into an ideological discussion. Microsoft represents democracy? They want to sell licensing of their OS so they can MAKE A BOATLOAD OF CASH, and don't care what crappy hardware it's running on. Apple represents dictatorship? They want to control both the hardware and software they sell, so they can - get this - MAKE A BOATLOAD OF CASH. 

They attacked the same issue (how do we make a boatload of cash) in different ways, and both succeeded at it. And while I respect Open Source as a concept, Linux is the Gary Johnson of computing platforms. A nice idea, but too impractical to really get behind. (NOW let's see how political this discussion gets.) :)
I agree that no company can be innovative all the time, and all I'm say is at the current moment Microsoft is in a innovation phase, and are putting out more innovative products than Apple 
+Liam Slack I would put Linux more as sort of a BNP - it presses all the right buttons, says all the right things, but if you did make the switch, you end up wondering why and probably drift back to MS or Apple when you out grew it....
maybe they finally have found direction.
n rocha
Woz is the great Oz
+Paul Smith-Keitley  , well put. :)

+Danish Singh Brar , +Gavin G. , here's the thing, though. Apple was consistently brilliant IN THEIR RELEASES. We're talking months or years of R&D, not an off day at the design studio. Apple used to get a great idea, wait until it was near perfect, and then launch it.

What do we get from them now? The new iPhone - it's BIGGER! And the iPad Mini - it's... SMALLER!! And Apple Maps - it's like Google Maps, only hopelessly inaccurate! And it... will... well, it'll likely drive you into a reservoir. 

Microsoft NEEDED a haymaker. They were drowning in the mobile space. And Windows 8 on a traditional desktop is still a great computing experience - almost a revolutionary one. (FTR, an interface upgrade IS a performance upgrade. Make it easy to relate to your machine, and tasks get done faster. Win.).

Windows 8 didn't happen overnight, and not all the ideas that went in were good ones. I'm sure many that were omitted were losers, too. But Windows just released a product that could change the face of computing, and Apple hasn't done that since the iPad. And that was Steve Jobs.
true. And a few years ago even Mark Zuckerberg said the same. 
how can we decide...both are still out of our reach.
Google is more innovative than Microsoft.  IBM is more innovative than Microsoft.  Linus Torvalds by himself is more innovative than Microsoft.  Innovation doesn't count if the result is unstable and unreliable and unsafe. 
Damn straight Woz - good thing Apple has all that cash for the plummet
You obviously are a blind hater, think of Cleartype, Photosynth, ICE, or even take a close look at how Windows 8 works, what has IBM done recently? What about all the stuff Google launches and then just folds after 6 months.....

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Of course Microsoft is more innovative than Apple Apple is spending productive time researching who's using their outdated innovations then preparing lawsuits therefore losing sight of the future .

Wow, that was a fast response +Paul Smith-Keitley! No, I grew up on Apple starting with the lle and cassette tapes. IBM has made their money on services for the last 15 years and really has no relevance in hardware today. You're right all those technologies are great, but they were developed nearly ten years before Jobs' death.
+Kevin Fream , IBM still makes excellent Enterprise hardware.  They just got out of the personal PC market as it was only a small fraction of there business and Lenovo had already been making their computers for years before they did.  Most people aren't looking for a 5K plus server or SAN or other business type hardware like that.  
Apple spent more last year on litigation then innovation meaning they spent more on lawyer's and lawsuits the R&D.  With the amount of cash they are sitting on they should not become complacent, we all know how that worked out for RIM.
I would have to agree with a lot of what he said. Apple does have a great product but it really has not changed that much. However there are a lot of products that are still having a hard time keeping up with the quality and ease of use. I think MS is thinking bigger picture. Apple never really was that good at capturing the corporate side of the market. They get more of the home user and that have been doing that pretty good. It will be interesting where the MS Surface will take us. Windows 8 is not in big favor but people didn't like the change to Windows 95 at first. 
No. But I worried Apple is less creative than before.
Microsoft is probably the most innovative company out there, they are building a lot of cool futuristic products at their labs. Apple is not even in the same league.
Maybe, but innovation does not necessarily lead to success.
Microsoft has definitly come a long way in terms of creativity, but still not nearly as creative as apple 
I am really impressed by what Microsoft is doing right now. The resurgence of the PC is showing risk taking and innovation that seems to be introducing new things faster than the Apple/Android cycle. Whether it delivers, we'll see. Otherwise, I'd agree.
I hope so because Microsoft has been lagging a lot. They got overconfident or went to sleep and now they really have to catch up to the rest of the world.
+Levan Patterson They aren't a Monopoly. Can you read a dictionary? Being the most successful doesn't make a company a monopoly. ANYONE can complete here. We could see an Android/iOS killer show up tomorrow and there's no reason it couldn't begin to take over the market. 
Microsoft always had the dough to compete they were just a step behind on innovation. The release of Win8 and the Surface tablet is only the beginning. 
This is competition guys! Some time Apple would be in top position and some time Microsoft.
Yeah, Microsoft have finally decided to make a fundamental shift in their paradigm. Not because they wanted to, but because it was a life or death situation. The world had moved on from "just another Windows refresh". While Microsoft are out shopping their new Surface tablet, Apple are pumping out the last of the juice from their phenomenal 2007 hit smartphone. Sure, it's getting harder and harder to make it look different from the last version. And that's what will happen to Microsoft if they choose to do infrequent updates to Surface without exploring other avenues.

Another way to look at things, is to see how Microsoft have converged on Apple's ecosystem in the last decade. Apple were a hardware vendor with a walled garden approach to software. Microsoft were a software company with some in-roads to the Mac, but mainly focused on the Windows platform that runs on ubiquitous hardware. They now make hardware themselves, and the walled garden approach is being applied by them also.

So, maybe in one  sense Microsoft are innovating, but in another, they are merely copying Apple's model for success.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the products.
I think this may be one of the great mans famous jokes. MSFT has done absolutely nothing in the desktop space for 15 years! 
well, since Apple's never innovated anything, I'd say YES.
If this is going to turn into one of those evangelical anti-some-company-or-other rants then I'm outta here. I don't know how many times some people are willing to say the same rubbish over and over. It doesn't progress the conversation and is utterly stupid (yes, I said "stupid") Isn't that supposed to be a sign of insanity?
I love that so many people are coming on here and think they understand the industry better than The Woz. I'm pretty sure the guy knows what he's talking about and can identify smart choices when he sees them. Step back from the brand wars for a couple minutes and listen to his words of wisdom.
Of course, I'm just another man stating my own opinion...
Yeah, they innovate more than Apple. They both innovate crap stuff.
It's not just about innovating. It's about being able to read the present and create the future especially for a company who's products is on the desktop of virtually every computer. I think they did a great job in embracing the current trends in technology and use their dominant in the desktop market to extend the echo system beyond the desktop into the mobile world while maintaining a very intuitive approach to user interface.

They still have a long way to go. But they are definitely on the right path. 
Yes I believe they have innovated in certain area but all tech company should invest heavy in R&D 
What even worries me more, is my hope for Microsoft success in the mobile phone market to bring more real choice. That is something I would not have dreamed about 5 years ago... 
* Que
More innovative....not yet. However if Apple hits the skids.....and Microsoft can get its act together....well..who can say what can be.
.. and Google is more innovative than Microsoft. Who wants to get behind the wheel of the self-driving m$ car (blue screen of death would take on a whole other meaning.)
+Soubhi Abdulkarim Gates did a brilliant job of purchasing an early iteration of CP/M from Intergalactic Digital Research and licensing it to IBM at his father's suggestion. Dr. Gary Kildall almost went directly to IBM, but through a combination of paranoia and hatred of anything that looked like "The Man", got nervous and sold to Microsoft instead.

After, Microsoft started to lose the DOS battle against DR-DOS (ironically created by Kildall again), they looked around for a new band-wagon to jump on. Gates got a preview of an early MacOS release, and used it as the springboard for a whole new kind of operating system.

(At this point, please realize that there is a healthy dose of sarcasm in this comment...)

So, Microsoft went on and purchased all kinds of good things that ended up as Paint, Word, PowerPoint, Visio. Even Internet Explorer was fashioned from the Mosaic source code (yeah, you thought Microsoft invented that too didn't you?)

Basically, Microsoft has built a healthy business out of using and re-using, buying, or stealing the work of others.
i think MS is looking at tablet,touch and phone all locked together in a user friendly system of sharing...todays on the go society where we want to be portable and have as manny options as we can...;)
dang there's so many posts in here mine will never be;)

+Larry Harper

It's been read.

I agree with you, I thought iCloud was revolutionary but from what I've read about windows 8 I think they're going to win the battle of cloud usage and importance.

I also agree with how "we" do like as many options as possible.
Anyway... I don't care what anyone has to say about Woz. He has devoted his time and money to education for many years now. When my daughter came home from her first day at school in Cupertino, she mentioned the donated iMacs. Who donated them do you think? Was it Apple? No such luck. It was Woz that paid for them.
Apple has gotten comfortable in their position in the industry and Microsoft has to race to innovate and get back in the game! So yes I could agree with Woz!
Absolutely, the only thing Apple is innovative in is their ability to squeeze cash out of their fans.
Nothing quite like a click bait flame war article to attract viewers eh +TechCrunch...
Yes I agree. Apple is milking basically two products until they are dry with uneventful updates every cycle. 
I think Apple has employed too many material girls :)
Staff have to want to work for their own development to make something unique. It only takes 1 person in a company to drag things down.
Innovate for your enjoyment 1st!
I have great ideas that would change the world but I'm not having a greedy mob bleed me from my heart.
look at all those apple fanboys in here... Wake Up you people! there are way better options out there, do some research, don't just go and buy whatever has a bitten apple behind.
It's much easier and robust to build around the windows platform - Time is money - that's reflecting through the market price
Anyone who says that using a touch screen laptop will "tire their arm" or "hurt their shoulder" obviously has NEVER used a touch screen computer. Its actually very convenient.
Guees what? I have an experiment you can do at home, kids.
Go on your MacBook, pretend its a touchscreen, and do a couple gestures. Unless you have strangely short arms, its not even a stretch.
Listen, these are just companies. They're not teams, they're not religions, and they should rely on honest consumer feedback. We should be honest about what's happening, instead of micro arguing about features and who had what when. That said, Apple copied Xerox, Microsoft copied Apple, everybody copies everybody. Real innovation cannot be obtained by anyone, until this patent war ends. All of them have to agree what should be held in common usage, instead of letting patent trolls spark this war.
That is kinda what I was saying, trying to respond to a way previous post.
Haven't quite got the hang of Google plus yet.
These people were debating a subject talking as if it all started last week.
But everyone seems to forget that all the people that have walked on the moon were born in 1931.
That generation and the ones before invented things that are a part of what enables me to use my iPhone right now.

Sent from my iPhone
Who said that iPhone 5 it is the innovative gadget that apple came up with? To mention, it's just a stretched screen and about the same speed so what s new?
Yes i agree that the frig n  windows 8 Surface touch does more and it is quicker.
Woz likes the windows phone 8 because it is more stable and quick as a consumer product. Windows 8 only has metro that is going for it user wise but has many under the hood changes which makes it better than win 7. Especially in the security department.
If you notice Woz's key words are `Now More Innovative`.
If Microsoft organization is now more innovative.
Is Woz thinking Microsoft is now unrivaled?
To me he's directing straight to the platform and framework.
They need to hurry up and come up with something that looks like it's doing more.
Steve has to blow wind up arses .
J. Mack
Sorry, I respectively disagree. If I want a computer that embraces ad ware and the blue screen of death then yea Microsoft is innovative... I switched to Mac computers after 50 PCs and never looked back.
Mack I'd rather install/repair/save Windows again to get more features any day.
The whole purpose of mac is trying to improve windows which they haven't even got all features windows has, so what did they do - try and add other features to make it look like it's got more lol
J. Mack
I'm in business.... I make money with my Mac computers because they just perform... I've owned over 50 Windows based PC and they are unreliable... I don't want to have to depend on an IT guy special building me a computer... who cares? As a tech person, I appreciate that the people at Mac seem to care about my computing experience from the get-go... the PC guys... not so much when you consider all the "Ad Ware" that comes with a PC (no ad-ware comes with Mac's). To make this point even clearer.... it has been stated on many tech review sites that the new Windows operating system is all about selling people crap. Stay emotionally attached to your PC my friend... as for me.. I'll keep rolling along with my Mac making money.
J.Mack i didn't have to guess you sell them. That was the 1st thing that crossed my mind.
J.Mack macs are a pain in the butt to connect audio online. go to hell mac.
By the way.
How do you chat on yahoo with a mac?
I know women that have shoved mac PCs in cupboards because of this.
J. Mack
Dude... you've got way too much time on your hands... your either wasting your employer's time doing this or you have no job or, I'm guessing that you are living in Grandma's basement playing video games. I say put a girls wig on your PC and romance it as you seem to be so unreasonably and emotionally attached to your PC. Can't connect to Yahoo.... who cares?
yahoo audio chat is popular at way over 1 million new humans every year (it's a computer program) and that is not good judgement - it's a computer program if you didn't read and the most popular audio chat in the world. So you're pushing Millions of people away and possibly upsetting more people right now.
Nothing wrong with a little live action now is there?
And to set it straight I've probably caught up with a few mates on yahoo chat 6 times in the last 6 months.
Well at least on my windows/smart devices i can easily.
Yer easy just offer Yahoo 10 billion to close yahoo chat down - That's what Apple should and most probably will try to do!
if it trues .......this is a big money!!!!
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