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A Lamborghini-inspired watch anyone?

MB&F’s new Lamborghini-inspired watch is beautiful, and ‘relatively’ affordable (still $63K) -
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Ah, the world some people live in where a $63K watch is considered relatively affordable.
that much for a watch economy must not be doing that bad
lol mine was 10 dollars at kmart :) balling on  a budget
What are the stats on the percentage of people driving cars that are less expensive?
I'm so bummed I just ordered a Timex Iron man, Oh well, maybe next time. 
Just what i needed... A watch that costs more that most peoples average income.
so it runs fast and breaks down a lot?
I suppose 63K is like maybe $500.  If I really really really like a watch, I'd be able to set aside the cash for a $500 watch.  And so it goes for the multi-millionaire.  63K is a lot of money, but nothing he or she can't recover in a week's time.  Or less.
Yeah, I wouldn't pay $500 for a watch, myself -- I don't even wear one -- but I have bought a phone that came close to that.  So, it's all about priorities I suppose.
Hehe... & for me, a battery for my 15-20 year old timex... that's my new watch this year... "takes a liking & keeps on ticking"
+Al Arzaga Yeah, who needs a watch when you have a $500 phone anyway? A watch is one of those that's already included.
weird concept ..... now you want people to undo the strap and show other how things are working inside your watch.
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