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You get a Surface! And you get a Surface! And you get Surface!
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Wow! How much did Bill Gates pay her for that one?!?
She doesn't have to be paid, it's a matter of choice. It's cool, I love it too. 
Go ahead and listen to her advice if you think she technology savvy
It's not a who, it's a what +Wood Franklin Oprah is where a bunch of Italians get up on stage and sing really crazy music to a bunch of people in suits.  Some of it can be really good.
Good for her! I am waiting for the pro version to replace my laptop
Oprah has always been honest. If she says this is one of her favorite things, I believe her.
There you have it. If Oprah endorses it than it will sell.
Uh ohhh... Tappin' into iphone territory are we Mr. Gates? 
Three or four years ago when she was on network TV that would have meant much more.  Now that she's relegated to obscure-cable-channel status it doesn't mean nearly as much.

On a side note, I love my Surface, so can believe her endorsement is not simply paid for, I just don't think it's terribly relevant these days. 
Better than when she gave away bees. 
Yeah, right!!!  Oprah needs to stay in her lane...  She promotes books, not
Microsoft definitely paid Oprah for this endorsement...
How long has the surface been out, about a week? Pretending it's not a paid endorsement, let's see how long it'll last as her 'favorite'.
Patrick Tommaso, no I haven't used the Surface yet.  My thing is Oprah is not known to be a tech-head.  I am curious how many tablets have she played with for her to come to the determination that the Surface is her favorite tablet.  I agree that the iPad has lost it's crown as the king of the tablet throne.....and not necessarily by the Surface.  From what I have read the Surface, performance and features-wise, kills the iPad 3......and so does the Samsung Galaxy, the Kindle Fire II HD, Motorola has a tablet that I like over the iPad 3 as well.  I know all about the iPad 3 because I have one (my wife bought me one as a surprise gift).  It's ok, but it has limitation that I don't care for.  This is why I say a royalty check was cut to Oprah for this endorsement.  Not saying the Surface is bad, but it just seem odd to me that Oprah of all people would endorse a tablet that is barely a week old.....especially when she is not really known to be a "techie".  Now, Oprah "could" be a closet techie and I just don't know it (it's not like I know the, but I just don't see it.
True, but Oprah isn't rich because she has turned down money either...
This is actually a big win for Microsoft.
+David Copeland How could've iPad lost its crown? Did I miss something? Who else has sold over 100 million tablets recently? All reviews point out at iPad 4 as the most powerful tablet with the best screen and the widest array of top quality apps out there. No android tablet model is even close to the iPad now and the Surface might be big news in USA, but it doesn't mean it's news elsewhere - it's not here in Taiwan, where I live. People are nervously expecting the coming of iPad mini. I root for Microsoft to be competitive, because it will only spur Apple, my fav brand, to deliver better products. But Surface RT so far is no match to iPad 4. We'll see how the Pro version turns out.
+Nino Novak Stop drinking that Cool Aid, man. Yeah Apple has sold 100 million iPads, and the App Store does have a lot more apps optimized for iPads (if you're into games and stuff,) but iPad 4 is far from being the most powerful table with the best screen. 

The Nexus 10's screen resolution beats iPad 4's in DPI, unless you think the marketing term "retina" actually means anything.
The Cortex-A15 processor is more powerful than A6X, and the Nexus 10 comes with 2GB of RAM vs. the iPad's 1GB. Now whether the actual apps can take advantage of the new hardware is another topic, but as far as hardware specs go, the iPad 4 has already lost its crown.

As for Surface RT being no match for the iPad4, that's 100% correct. Personally I'm waiting for the Pro version since it will run all the x86 software (I already have an old "new iPad" that I barely use, and don't need another tablet that does the same job at surfing the net or watching movies). And if the Surface Pro sucks as well, I'll just get the Sony Vaio Duo. I don't see a point in being blindly loyal to one company or one OS, especially when there's better stuff out there. 
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