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Of coarse not but, it will be expensive some day.
Dying more like, and in some areas quicker than others.
I hope so. Imagine cities that look like forests among the trees that are not cut...
Certainly hope so! Would make the world a better place, kind of like when Apple killed the floppy... 
Just imagine that Aleksandar... will be so nice
Yes, you are right Lincoln Maurice, but we are loosing our forests anyway... no matter the reason why trees are cut... if we stop using paper maybe we can save some trees... any effort is welcome I suppose...
Yes and no. I think paper will diminish, but never go away.

Printed newspapers can't die while public transport is exists.
I hope not. Lots of jobs in the logging and paper industry. Also lots of landowners managing timber stands.
I hope phone books are.. They're totally obsolete and a waste of paper nowadays.. 
There are a lot of people who don't have ready access to a computer.  Just because some may be technologically up to date, doesn't mean everyone else is.
Hahaha they said that when the IBM PC came out, and often since then. Mostly by people who dont think it through very thoroughly.
I work in Japan and the answer is a resounding "No!". In fact, there is a vast amount of careful stamping, double-lined crossing-out of errors that are then stamped, and application forms filled out with ruler, drafted in pencil, then gone over with a pen. I have been able to submit some documents by PDF when doing personal business, but anything approaching corporate business and citizenship seems to be meticulously handled. I see tablets everywhere, but I haven't met anyone who makes it their work horse. A big factor may be that the people here seem to culturally enjoy penmanship and stationary. It also seems that the book industry is being maintained much better, as it is another tactile way to interact with the written word. I think my appreciation for print has grown as a result of living here.
I am kinda hope so, save the forest save the planet...
no, the book is something like a spoon or scissors... check out The Future of the Book by Umberto Eco
Sean G
Print is alive and Well!
Yes, A lot of newspapers will go away. But some will stay. Lots of old people don't want tablets.
Now printing... Paper? No. Did the industry take a hit? Yes!
Nothing like handing someone a REAL Cool Business Card.
What about newsletters? My Mailbox is still full? People still write letters to Santa.
Paper goes hand in had with Print. Printing is an Art. Art is alive... Will live on.
Don't think a tablet would outlast dead sea scrolls?
A better question might be; Will portable computers ever stop humans from asking stupid questions and/or drawing ignorant conclusions. =o lol
Sean G
Oh & Thanks +Lincoln Maurice for educating dude about how we have been using Renewable paper for years. As well as recycled.
Don't plan on cleaning my ass with tablet. Haha. Glad this post is trending ... So we can reassure people we'll still have paper(:
Maybe Re Write the Header ... Are Newspapers on the decline?
Did anyone notice Time Mag went digital only? Now you will have to take a kindle to have something to read at the doctor's office office. :-) 
No probably not, paper is tangible, what if the world loses all its internet? Paper is still needed, and bits and bytes won't suffice.
Yeah but then everyone would have to move to your young (misinformed) world where prints, magazines, and newspapers account for ALL the paper +Timo Anttila now go blow your nose with a paper box of paper tissue and wrap your Christmas presents in paper so no one can see whats written on the the paper packaging. LOL idiot
paper should die. its all just a matter of habit if the tech is available
exactly my point. funny why we don't really use parchments anymore
Great post +Sean G but the sad fact, and perhaps the more important story here is that the average simple minded humans, including the author of this post, only comprehend ...paper bad cause trees die, we don't need paper cause computers. Must save planet cause I heard that's cool. Reality is most don't even know what paper is used for or why or how. I don't give em much hope for saving the planet, they cant save themselves from themselves lol
Ryan Ng
I still use paper
I hope so.  I just bought a Galaxy Note 10.1
Which was delivered in a paper box, that contained a paper box surrounded by paper packing paper and had a paper instruction manul so you just killed a tree +Adrian Mattocks quit doing that lol
Print is not dead, it's just been temporarily put on the back burner while the digital incarnation of print winds its way through fad status. Eventually digital print will lose its shine and luster and will be resigned to utility status much the same as digital watches are today. Print will return with a much higher, if not snobbish, stature, probably as a luxury item for the well-to-do. Thus leaving the digital media devices for the peasants. You can expect digital readers to be available at the grocery store for $9.99 as an impulse item inside of five years.
diapers aren't made of paper, and neither is money.
I wouldn't go long on the future of paper money.
Yes he did for along time belive me pleas
+Lincoln Maurice I agree, but, aren't more trees cut than planted? I imagine a futuristic society where the whole beauty of plants and trees is realized and gains on significance, so everybody wants a tree in their living enviorment.

+ This thread is about digital media surpassing the paper media (news magazines, documents, books), not about other uses of paper.
In the US, 6 trees are planted for every one harvested. There is enough old-growth forest to have a five mile wide strip from NYC to San Francisco. We have more forestland now then in 1920, despite a 140+% population increase. How's that for sustainability?
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