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This app will keep your phone quiet and your friends less annoyed with you.
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Sorry, but this seems completely useless. Between Profiles, Silent Mode, Do Not Disturb, and the " Quiet Hours" setting built into my ROM (CM), there are a lot of ways to do this that are already built into the daily experience. Let us not forget that all phones come with a power button.
Disclaimer: I have not personally verified that "all phones" do come with a power button. ;-)
I have been looking for something like this for a long time, but this App falls short... you should be able to choose  calendar(s) and once chosen the App should include all the events and silence the ringer automatically when your calendar has an event. Honestly I am not sure why this is not a built-in feature in all Phones. Maybe with features like "Blocking Mode" from Samsung we are going to see this expanded to include blocking/silencing during calendar events.
I just use the mute switch on the side. Seems primitive but it's tactile and convenient, lol.
I've been running Llama for a few years. I've never had a phone ring when I've not wanted it to. 
Yeah that's good update but you can always go the mute option if you don't want others to get annoyed whenever your phone rings.
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