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Facebook will nix voting and integrate Instagram data despite vote ending with 88% of 668K votes opposed -
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So, what was the point of voting?
Facebook sucks. It is time for a mass migration over to Google+.
G+ DOES have the type of "games" that Facebook has, unfortunately. 
That is why we are in G+..
FB screwing the user... business as usual. 
Erik H.
I disagree, +Joel Carlson. We don't need all of that stupidity flooding in here. Let them go somewhere else.
Just deactivate/delete your accounts, It's just that EASY.
Google+ gives you a lot more control over your groups, circles, etc. so you can set it up the way you want. Even if a lot more people migrated to Google+, I don't think anyone's stupidity is going to affect my Google+ experience. Time will tell. Facebook has a lot of security problems and I think people will leave Facebook in droves as time goes on.
Facebook only obeys a vote if more than 30% of users vote. Since no more than 1% have ever voted in a given opportunity, you've never really had the vote to begin with.
This is a reason why I like snapseed better, because you can edited the photo and share on G+. 
So because not everyone voted they do away with the votes they do have? I have a simple fix that wouldn't take a genius to figure out. Why not the first time a user logs in after a vote is necessary you pop up the vote screen and they can't get to their profile until they actually vote. This would get the required number of votes easily. I'm on Google plus anyway so who cares what I think, lol
Their users are the same peace of crap people, who are sharing lolcats all the time, anti-reality stuff and fart videos from youtube. So, why should they care for their opinion since they can just move on and do whatever they want with that mass low IQ audience ? You have to realize people - the social network is you, indeed.
Users have a say in how FB runs its business?  Oh pleeeeeaaassseee!!! FB don't answer to you, you or you anymore.  They now have shareholders to answer to.

(Heading over to FB to delete as much personal data, and to unfriend as many people, as possible, short of closing the account...)
IT Pixie, Why keep a hold of a dead horse?  Plan on whipping it later?
+James Lanning For work purposes, a FB account is still necessary.  And FB is (sadly) the only way I can get a hold of many people.  Trust me, if it wasn't for these reasons, I would have deleted my account long ago...  And no, I don't bitch about FB, that's a waste of time.
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