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+TechCrunch What can I say, I'm rooting for her.  I used to be a fan of Yahoo! when they had the web web ecosystem.  Then they blew it one piece at a time.  It'd be nice to see them get another shot at life.
I hope they achieve what they are rooting for and this is not just another failure written all over it. 
Anyone who can breathe life back  into Flickr is okay in my book. I think she is doing right by making a bit more mobile.
That's a HUUUGE mountain to climb; hope she has a strong team & not some ass kissers who are scared to rock the boat a bit!!
I don't know, I mean, Yahoo! doesn't really have any one thing they do any better than anyone else. They just do a lot of things moderately well. I'd enjoy seeing some innovation from them, but I doubt that I personally will ever find myself enamored with them. 
Not sure that profiling the user as the query is a great idea. She is right about the user giving up privacy to gain that functionality. I just don't know that most would be willing to give much more. Also I think search is a function of exploration. I don't want it to be biased to my past data points. Some honing is good but there is definitely a limit. Great interview tho. 
Girl, please grow that hair out.
I think Yahoo gets popular She start vlogging and publish on yahoo homepage.
I left Yahoo a decade ago after viruses running rampant cost me two computers. No encryption coding will keep many did me. Please clean up the hazards of surfing.
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