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Three reasons why I dont want to be Steve Jobs: 1. Steve Jobs is dead. 2. Steve Jobs is burning in hell because he treated everyone like trash when he was alive. 3. Steve Jobs was no genius; Wozniak was the brains. Steve Jobs walked into good situations, and the talent around Steve carried him.
Society has to stop worshiping bad people. I wouldn't want to be Steve Jobs and I'd be ashamed if my kids were like him.
I wish more people who rather be like Dennis Ritchie [ ]. Without people like him, much of the software we see around us would not be around.

TechCruch and, especially Larry Ellison, should be ashamed of themselves for not even thinking of him. Much of Oracle would probably not even exist without Richie.
B Ossia
Stop comparing Apple and Orange. Both Jobs and Ritchie contributed a lot but in different aspects. Society needs such people both to make progress.
"Do you want to be like Steve Jobs"?
Larry Ellison is a douchebag and anyone who keeps him as a friend has questionable taste.
+B Ossia: Society needs? Because I don't use any Crapple products. I do use stuff written in C and its derivatives (i.e., every modern programming language ever), and a Unix-like system. Many of us owe Jobs nothing. Almost all of us owe Ritchie for all of modern technology.
B Ossia
+Andrew Lei Please stop showing off the obvious facts every one knows. It has nothing to do with Jobs' contributions. It's like admiring Claude Shannon's undeniable vast contributions in Digital computers and Information Technology to devalue the major progress done based on. This fake battle between Jobs and Ritche stared since the day some one put their pictures side by side and now you guys blindly follow that irrelevant comparison.
+B Ossia : Except why does the damn media keep shoving Jobs into my face? Nothing he ever did was original, and frankly, my life would probably have been pretty much the same if he had never existed. Society admires the snake oil salesmen who can turn a quick buck, not the people who really create new things.
B Ossia
+Andrew Lei Your problem is that you dont know what may be assumed as Jobs' contributions. What you say is totally irrelevant. Basically what you play is fallacy of suppressed evidence. I had already answered you. I personally cannot name many people having such a futuristic vision being ahead of their time. Just knowing about NeXT should be enough for a smart person to get the point.
+Jonathan Harchick I can live without Pixar.
+B Ossia Let's see... no NeXT... or no C... So Jobs made a workstation computer. Big deal. Ritchie revolutionised all of computing.
B Ossia
+Andrew Lei Thank you for verifying that you cannot get the point :-) no more comments needed.
+B Ossia The point? Pray tell. Pray tell why Steve Jobs is so much more deserving of our praise than dmr. You want to know people "having such a futuristic vision being [sic] ahead of their time"? How about:
Linus Torvalds
Brian Kernighan
Literally every other employee in Bell Labs
not only no, but hell no
Larry Ellison is a scumbag who contributes nothing to technology other than to say he has the patents for something he didn't invent and then blindly sue people because he feels like he deserves to be paid. As soon as Ellison was mentioned, that whole article became completely irrelevant. If anyone was (is) worse than Jobs, it's him.
For how long that is going to happen! This shitty topic we are all tired of! Let Jobs RIP and move on! For God sake!
Rich visionary? Yes.
Dead jagoff? No.
This is like asking if I'd like to be like Hitler. No thanks.
The wearing the same clothes everyday thing was something Einstein did too. Personally my dress code is black shirt with jeans or shorts.
Steve, and all his billions didn't donate 1 cent to charity. He was greedy, so no, I wouldn't want to be Steve Jobs.
Find me a public record where he donated. There isnt one! He had the Steven p. Jobs foundation but closed it after 1 year. He did not donate.
The sooner google add regex filters to google+ we can all be free from pointless streams that waste valuable bandwidth. Feed us with quality articles not spam!
Want more examples of his greed?
The question should be, how did Steve Jobs / Apple influence you? Not, do you want to be like him? We designed our application around what we believe makes Apple products successful, intuitive use with minimal input and maximum output.
He has influenced me by frustrating me, making sub-par products and helping to prevent innovation in the market.
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