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Not after that app for they've pushed. Nice Android 2.3 styling there...
Erm, I already use both. So no point in switching!
Consider of course but show me why it's better via a video on YouTube... See to belive. 
LMAO... Why would I want to subject myself to something I escaped from years ago.... Opensource software on every computer and device I own....
I use both for different things. I kind of prefer Outlook for sending simple emails, but Gmail is a lot more powerful. People shouldn't be so black and white about technology. Just play the field and have fun :P
I use both, but have zero interest in dedicated apps.
What? NO!

It's hotmail with make-up. Think: old pig with lipstick.
#Microsoft can pull their head out of their own arse!
after working with for a day I have to say it is a joke!
My account needed verification 5 times in one day and leave it to Microsoft to have a down verification process.
And their whole IMAP service in nonexistent.
Only Micro$oft can create an email settings page without a link back to your email when you're done.
#Windows8 and #WindowsMobile8 are just as big of a joke. Half baked and half assed
+Ciaran Ainsworth Same here. I use both, but for different reasons. Curiosity and the need to know was the reason I switched my old hotmail account to the new, so I can use my own experiences to advise and inform others. Doesn't mean I like it though!
+Ciaran Ainsworth u prefer Outlook for sending simple emails ?! yes, maybe you are right (sarcazm)  ... `exchange server` is very slow =))
no but i do like how it looks.
Why not continue so its a no from me too gmail is the best 
The app looks like it came directly from 1997
+Vitaliy Kulikov I don't notice any difference in speed unless I'm sending attachments, which is when I tend to use Gmail (as it's FAR better at that sort of thing.) Simple exchanges between my family = Outlook. Everything else = Gmail. Outlook has a UI that appeals to me. It might not to you, but it does to me.

I just like to see what all companies have to offer and use them all before formulating an opinion. I have often judged companies too harshly in the past and then been surprised by what they have to offer. Now I just use as many as I can to see what I like. They're free, what's the harm? :P
I've got an old hotmail account I use a lot for signups. I don't mind so I tried the app.

It's worse than the native email app on android. There is really very little reason to switch. Can't even mark emails. It simple amazes me that MS can be this stupid and lazy with product releases.
+Alan Stainer Doesn't matter if you don't like it at the end of the day, it's always best to give it a fair try :)
Microwhat? No thank you.
Tried out the Android app and it made me feel like it is still 2008.
Skipping from yahoo to outlook. Gmail stands as is
This is also a very biased forum in which to post this. You know, because it's a Google site ;)
Not even a little bit.
not even if it were the last email system in place.
How much are they going to pay me? Who am I, I would not switch. I might switch my spam account from Yahoo to though. 
Nope. I just tried at and couldn't look at it for more than 20 seconds.
Outlook is the very first thing I trashed from MS Office, and I'm never coming back !
Is here where I have to say no? XD
Gmail is great!
I'd check it out for sure. Chances are I'll always use Gmail as my primary source of email, but using a free outlook email as a professional one wouldn't be bad either. I'd love it best if they could link together.
When Nokia Lumia launched, I created a Windows Live (now apparently called Outlook or Microsoft Account) account and I tried their services. They were almost as badly incompatible with non-Microsoft devices as Apple's iCloud is on non-Apple devices. No thanks, I'm staying with Google for now. 
Switching??? No way!!!! Mickeysoft is about 15 years too little, too late... (though I HAVE to admit, the new Outlook looks awesome, Google! Time for Action!)
Outlook is really quite nicely designed, but lacking features I require.
No. Google is mixing into my very being. Also candy.
Not going to happen. I do have the outlook account to filter spams! 
outlook? what is it? look out from my home windows??? :/
I gave it a try. Is a lot better that the old hotmail design. Better that yahoo, facebook or icloud, however I could not find a reason to switch. I'm keeping gMail as my main email account.
Talk about bias validation, asking the question about Microsoft Outlook while reading Google, lol. Btw I use both but agree Gmail better for big attachments. 
I think after checking it out I'll be moving back to Gmail
I wouldn't touch Outlook with a ten foot pole.
This question should be illegal in all states.
Anyone one that just thinks about it derserves to be chased down by rabid squirrels that drank a keg of Redbull.
I use both Gmail and Outlook - you can never have too many e-mail accounts, right?  I do like Outlook because it is much cleaner.  I like the fonts and the layout.
I had/have a Hotmail account and probably login to it about once every few months.  I use Gmail as my primary and I am very happy with it. So, no I do not have any plans to switch....
Would Microsoft be taking about the same Gmail the dethroned hotmail as the world's largest email platform? Yeah, sounds like a rush of users heading for the hills, just not in Microsoft's direction.
Not a chance. Google is very good for all of my needs. 
Depends, what are they going to pay me?
I use Gmail (5 accounts) and ALL of Google's Apps, plus LibreOffice on my XP and Ubuntu laptops and PCs (for when sloths require email attachments - and yes, I know, I should not be dealing with people like that :).

All my data is in the cloud and I will never use M$oft products unless I am waterboarded to do so. 
No... I only use Hotmail/Outlook for temp suscriptions. All my contacts move out from there.
It's a nice service, and it makes gmail look really dated, even with gmail's "new" look. But the reality is that everyone has multiple accounts these days, and there's room for both, especially when it comes to integrating them with their respective online storage systems.
You can't be serious, right? And that "new" Android app doesn't even use holo? What is it 2009?
Given what a crappy app outlook is, I can't even see trying it.
Already did, and I don't regret it at all. The new Outlook and its integration with Skydrive is so much better than what Gmail offers.
Microsoft is out of touch w/ society. Just look at Windows 8 reviews. Its sad since so many corporations rely on them.
That's a rhetorical question, right?
Sorry but I got too much content on my Gmail account to bother switching.  Not that it's too big to transition over but the fact that I can do all of my email functions with both the smartphone app and on the web browser.

Despite that MS has published an Android app for Outlook, it's still lacking the one thing that prevents me from using their app: marking mail as spam.  Really, MS?  I can't mark email as spam on your own app????
Jon L
I use both. Outlook for spam and websites. Gmail for personal. I like gmail a lot more. However I do think outlook is a huge improvement over the old hotmail
No thanks I like my email secure and spam free.

I am forced to use Outlook at work! No way would I ever choose it over Gmail 
I use both but prefer g-mail.
You are preaching to the wrong choir here on g+ with gmail being so integrated, why would anyone do that here? It is just a reskinned hotmail with a pretty interface. But given maps calendar, g+, drive and so on, why would I, or perhaps anyone put their email elsewhere?
Nope. I bought Office for Mac 2011 and still experience the beachball just as I did years ago. Thought they'd have figured out the network disconnect issue by this rev.
Use Outlook at work - prefer it when handling larger daily volumes of email traffic. And, in fairness, wouldn't be allowed to use gmail - blocked. However, gmail is so integrated in my personal google profile, I can't imagine that I would use an outlook app for Android.
Am I the only one who hates gmail?
no because gmail is a lot more fluid. maybe in a year or two
Van S.
Already have!
+Mike Wood It's actually less useful than a reskinned; as you can't change my Windows/Xbox account to an outlook email.
Why bash other companies,I like google online services but love microsoft windows?
My gmail is connected to everything that I use everyday, from my phone to my YouTube channel. 
I'm going to expand a bit further as I gave their Outlook app a test run.  But I guess you could say that this has to be the shortest lived app on my phone (less than 5 minutes).

First off, this is no different from their Hotmail app, as +Mike Wood has pointed out.  Whether or not it's less featured than before is unknown to me, as I was looking for 1 particular feature to be included.

That one feature that would let me keep the Outlook app on my phone is marking a selected mail as spam.  You can't do that on the app.  Yet you can do that for any selected mail via their web interface.  This is the one thing that completely breaks the app's usefulness.

The UI could use work but that's not my place to really discuss nor critique.  Making it look better is second to functionality and feature.

The app cannot be more useless than it is.  Using it to access your Outlook/Hotmail emails is no different than using the stock Android email app and pulling the data via POP3.  So why bother even installing it?  Contact sync?  Calendar sync?  Both of which I don't even use.  The real question everyone should ask is... "Is there a reason to use the Outlook app?"  If I can't do all the things possible on the website using the app, it is not worth keeping or using.  The biggest breaker is the inability to mark any mail as spam.
Took long enough to migrate over to Gmail, and that was a move well overdue! 
No thanks will stick with Gmail and Yahoo
Nope, Gmail is the best thing on Earth! It's where I made my first e-mail... ;)
No. doesn't do anything that Gmail doesn't, so there's no compelling reason to switch. Also it's incredibly painful to switch email providers and almost impossible to completely sever your relationship with an existing provider. Plus Gmail integrates with the Google ecosystem which is more complete than the Microsoft ecosystem online. I don't use Windows anyhow, I use Linux, and Google provides a ton of great software for Linux. 
Sean G
LO...SO Fukin LOUD
Sean G
Nothings better than Gmail... For REAL Gs
I'm sorry but I'm in no hurry to change
Nope, Google suite works just fine for me... 
Those folks probably forgot to append a "/s" when they said that they would switch.
No. Simply put the Outlook API is woefully inept compared to the vast Google API.

I don't just look at the core service, I look at everything the service exposes. Outlook web services are just crap. Also, Microsoft, the reason people have issues with EAS is because you made it near impossible to developer a full client. Seriously there are like three RPCs that I can think of that do the exact same thing but they do different stuff based on the current state of the connection. Your APIs are always WTF?!

So yeah, hell no. Tired of the stupid libraries that come out of your workers' heads. 
+Tug Ricks i don't delete anything. I wouldn't automate that anyhow. It may be ok for promotional email, but not enough to justify a switch. 
Gmail already has a very clean and simple design. You can't get much simpler. Since I don't use Office, I don't care about its integration.
I could also add that years in desktop support cause me to refer to outlook as outhouse and that the brand is hopelessly damaged in the mind of most people.
Using outlook from day one,believe me gmail is far better.
I use both +Gmail and Outlook and they seem have the same type of experince.
Nope! No need...I don't plan on leaving Gmail for a very long time, if ever.
I quit using Hotmail & Outlook years ago because they sucked. Why do the think I'd want this now? It is kind of funny though, watching MS trying to play catch-up :)
I like the gui feel of gmail , plus gmail looks better than live or hotmail , plusplus spam control is way better on gmail 
Certainly nobody on g+, probably nobody in general as well. MS have goodwill only in gaming now.
go back to receiving zillions of spam? NEVER!!! 
Microsoft Says
The same Microsoft that said Zune would revolutionize music... said Windows 8 will revolutionize computing?


Uh... No!
I've had my HoTMaiL account since before Microsoft bought it... is nothing to brag about.

Speaking of things to not brag about... Microsofts' attempt to force feed their apathetic 'innovation' on the world with billions of dollars in advertizing a mediocre product.
FFS, I'm forced to use this Outlook crap at work.  Give me GMail any day, I'd rather use that than this pile of horse excrement! 
I like well enough, but I'm not likely to switch from Gmail any time soon.
Calling your web-mail client the same name as the bloated 100 meg product that requires lots of bloated exchange servers just to run a few hundred mailboxes isn't a swift idea.
+Duane Donovan Yes, I agree, it is quite good now. Ironically, I access it from Chrome in Linux. Still, I like my Gmail account and I've used it for so long it isn't likely I'm going to migrate wholly over to any time soon. I'd rather stick with Gmail as my primary email account. But I am using as a secondary service and I agree it is well done.
Is Microsoft trolling again ?

Not in a million years would I use that rubbish..
Not just no, but hell no! 
Well they kinda would say that ha.. I use both n I have to say is a lot better than hotmail lol
Although I love the interface, I wouldn't really want a ID, unless it spells 
they can co-exist.  with 25gb of migrated SkyDrive storage there's no reason to pick one over the other.
You can actually save your friends from outdated email. This site was built by a few folks from the Gmail team.
+David Romeyn Yes, using both makes sense. But any time a question like this arises, you get what amount to knee-jerk reactions in one direction or the other. Pro-MS, anti-MS, pro-Google or Android and Anti-, Pro-iOS, Anti-iOS. It's what happens when you treat an operating system or company like a fundamentalist religious experience (and the people are just about as bright, too).  :D
I'd go back to Yahoo before I ever would choose Outlook.
Microsoft should stick to computers. Outlook is fine for large corporations, and for people that get 1,000s of emails per day, but Gmail is much better designed. It's like comparing a Lenovo computer to a mac.
Microsoft is late to the party again.
Like many other people I use Outlook for work and Gmail for the rest of my life. So this should never be legit question.
Gmail, always.
The reason why work it's work while I'm at work is because we use outlook.
Not a chance in hell. I don't use Microsoft [anything]. I avoid it like the plague.
Not bloody likely. Google treats us right and hasn't screwed us on lack of security or crappy customer service. Not to mention getting the run around every time we need Microsoft tech support
the app is great and intuitive! Not bad from Microsoft
This just in... Fish say life in the water is better than living on land. Of course #Microsoft is going to say their way is the better way. 
Yes.  And I'm also considering punching myself in the nuts a bunch of times.
Many of the service’s new users, Microsoft says, are switching away from Gmail.

According to the team’s numbers, one-third of users are active Gmail users trying the service for the first time. Microsoft also says that after talking to “hundreds of Gmail users for a panel, 4 out of 5 of these Gmail users said they would switch to”

how many people were in this "panel" ? where was it held, what demographic?

show us those Gmail users are closing down their Gmail accounts and then you have some news, else you have people trying a new novelty at best.
_"Microsoft also says that after talking to “hundreds of Gmail users for a panel, 4 out of 5 of these Gmail users said they would switch to”
Here is what this panel told Microsoft:

They prefer’s clean user design does a better job of blocking spam and it outperforms Gmail when it comes to helping manage unwanted messages like newsletters and daily deals makes it easier to share photos and Office documents"_
Oh, really? If that's true and Outlook is so wonderful, why did they bother going to Gmail in the first place?
Did they ask Amish-people or something? :o
Lol no. I think you have that backwards sir
"Not bad for Microsoft" the inventor of xbox, windows, and the people who are kind enough to provide us with a lot of things we use today, like the computer I am using now, and probably you.

+Faissal Graviton 
This must be a joke, Moving from Gmail to Outlook would be like moving from a PC to an abacus. 
Sorry about that, but NO! i respect my privacy 
As if macroslop didn't just prove how far their finger is from the technology pulse by releasing windows 8, now they make out-rageous claims about what users would do?
+Duane Donovan "If there's one thing MS know how to do it's a top  productivity suite."
Really? I'm lucky to be able to run one program at a time under Windows with 2 gigs of RAM. That's not very productive. After I installed Linux on that same 2 gig machine, I can run JAVA apps, three instances of spreadsheets, FireFox (with 4 or 5 tabs open), System Monitors, and stream videos while using over 80% of that RAM and not have a hiccup, no slowdowns, no crashes. That's productivity. You can't do that with any version of Windows. Windows alone occupies half of that 2 gigs easy.
Sure. I want to relive the days of deleting all the spam my Hotmail account gave me.
Not a chance! I looked at it, not anywhere near gmail.
I've an outlook account, am using it with my facebook account.... you got the idea
Where did they get that Idea, in the Microsoft basement...???..
I am guessing this panel has only 10 Microsoft employees, three of them being Steve Balmer...
lol...Oh Microsoft. Between this and Google vs. Bing, you are acting like the kid in the back of the room that just wants to be noticed. Develop something genuine, market it with actual willingness to make it worth our time, and we'll start using it. Trying to recruit from the successful companies just makes them laugh at you and the rest of us roll our eyes. 
I use Gmail and compared to Outlook, Gmail is better than Outlook!
Outlook is worst and i don't understand so I prefer use Gmail account! 
I use both. No switching required. Outlook is much different at least in UI. Simple and easier to use and clean with many tools.
when hell freezes over. Actually, maybe not even then.
As soon as they start playing ice hockey in hell.
Now THAT'S funny!!!
Anything Microsoft is guaranteed to crash. I'll stick with gmail.
Leo T
Outlook looks better, has more features and isn't SLOW like Gmail. I have both and definitely prefer
Already converted my old Hotmail account to It's ok, but nothing to cheer about. It's more along the lines of, "Wow, Microsoft finally updated Hotmail so that it works... better'ish". GMail is still the best bang for your... er, wait it's FREE, works great & actually filters SPAM! 
outlook looks have too much ads and an ugly face.
This is a very odd statement but it's not the first time MS has made crazy statement like this.  Switch mail system no matter who they are is a pain in the ass and is not done lightly, I like Gmail and am not going to switch based on better features but because I have used this email address for so long that trying to get everyone I know to updated it, plus all the site I have used it on is just to much like hard work. 
Now that is a dumb question! Still sticking with gmail!
+yi huang you should add the Gmail Minimalist and ad block plus extensions.... and use the themes....   just a thought...
why the hell would i do that
Will an @outlook email account give me access to all of googles wonderful "free" Internet services?

I think not. 
I've always hated Outlook. Can't see that changing. 
Microsoft board.....i have some pending debs....we can negotiate u may one think like u here...but you cN influence my ea$y as that.....send me an email....i will say yes u r da best...if is no money ill say the truth!

Um...that would be a no, scott.
Just like how many users would prefer Bing instead of Google. And just like how many users would prefer Windows Phone over Android. Hm, something seems fishy.
Timing is everything great product but too late for most of us
I'll stick to the IMAP mailboxes I paid for in my own website domain. At least I'll have decent control over my data than what the free alternatives offer.
I just have put my Gmail email into that inbox and then allow me to send as my Gmail.

Problem solved.
Microsoft is very political in their statements. Notice the use of "consider"...
Gosh! I am so used to Yahoo Mail I pressed the Flag to mark important on here and it got reported. Had to undo. 
Why always an either/or proposition
Negatory ghost rider. The pattern is full of Gmail.
No their not, they must be reading the same stats that IBM is using to base their reporting of Cyber Monday on.
I am forced to us Outlook at work. I can not stand it. 
Of course Gmail users would consider it.  Then they would laugh really, really, hard.  Then sigh and say, oh well, Outlook does top Lotus Notes . . .
Yes and I'm having electricity removed from my house as well.
Gmail has had many years to get their mail service right. Outlook is just a rebranded mail service. It's like changing your phone number nowadays. Who wants to tell everyone they switched emails just so try can use outlook?
Nope. I am by no means a MS hater, but I have no reason to switch from gmail.
Well of COURSE MICROSOFT would say gmail users would consider it... I wouldn't. And it appears I'm not the only one.
gmail is the best. stop being jealous outlook
Hahahaha! Fat chance... I'll switch to outlook with the same enthusiasm I applied to switching from google to bing. 
Can't stand Gmail. Can't stand Hotmail. So there's no switch to make.
Just curious. Does it offer 2-factor authentication?
Looks nice but performance and capacity not at par yet with google from my experience 
It's bad enough I have to use outlook at work...
I left hotmail in 2004, when I started with gmail. So, no.
Looks nice but performance and capacity not at par yet with google from my experience 
Competition is good, but I'm not aware of any reason to switch.
nope. unless gmail shuts down, yeah then I might try.
Not going back to Microsoft's garbage.
I thought I was going to trade Gmail for, but then I went to the Emergency Room.  Turned out, it was actually a concussion.
You cant deny that outlook looks the goods. And gmail still looks like a dead donkey's nuts. I also must admit that the gmail system of emails appearing in 963 different views has been the bane of my existence since I signed up. I have spent literally hours trying to clean out my gmail, only to find the messages being deleted pop up somewhere else when I delete them. Infuriating!!
Not going to happen. Especially since I already have windows live mail on my computer. I don't need to go online to check my goddamn emails. Unless its Gmail. Infact if Gmail came out with an application like winodws live mail then I'd probably never have to come here at all LOL
I created an account because I try everything new... but I do not use it for anything and I'm not leaving Gmail for it....however I am sure I have been included in those dubious statistics.

Anyway...I am glad that they are finally taking a more diverse approach to their apps and releasing versions for android.... choice is always a good thing.
what they say and what is real seems to be two differing things ;-)
i like the look and feel of the email account, but I'm not sure it's enough to pull me away from gmail.  I registered an account anyway, though, just in case.
I use them both, outlook for social media and gmail for stuffs that really matter


Gmail users
How amazing! But I think I'll pass...
the fact of the matter is....its not needed. If you already are using windows live mail, Outlook is identical to it. Infact you don't need a "new" outlook account, it lets you sign into outlook with your hotmail! So basically your wasting your time. lol...
Definitely not! And looking at the article the UI is terrible!
BS! I'll keep my gmail account and android, thank you very much! Go Google go. 
Gmail to Outlook?  Really?  No, I mean,....really?
You can have my Gmail account when pry it from my cold dead hands.. I haven't used a e-mail client in almost 10 years now, never liked them and still don't. Then again I provide website tech support for my 'day' job as of recent so in my opinion e-mail clients can die a swift death if you ask me. People spend more time trying to get and send their e-mail using a client than anything else when they could just be online using webmail and maybe getting something done.
HA! sure..........................
You lost me at Microsoft.

And guess what. 2009 called. They want their app design back.
Wait ... the quote allegedly comes from Microsoft ... of course they're going to make a statement like that.

For the record, does HELL NO count as an answer to the question on if I will leave GMail for
Hmm just checking my list. Testicals getting removed with a rusty spoon is still above Outlook on my list. Looks like im going to have to say no.
They're confusing the people who are forced to use outlook because of the office IT department with actual customers.
In response to the title, I ask one simple question.... Why?
just more Microsoft marketing. The numbers are high because people sign up to take a look and see what it is, that doesn't mean they are going to switch or use it.
Hahahahaha, that's funny!  My work uses Outlook...and every time I have to use it I keep wishing my company would switch to Google.
Jason B
Too little too late.
I got two email addresses to get in before the rush (possible rush?). They shall be "spares" or spam traps. outlook has a very long way to go before it competes enough to even be in the game.

MS spent decades earning a reputation for Hotmail--the name change is a good start, but even after it improves a LOT more than it has, it will be years before the hotmail stink fades.
I want to switch to outlook as much as I want to switch to the old Aol in house email
Why, gmail is better ! Microsoft is approaching epic failure !
I dropped outlook since 1999, ever since never looked back .. :-)
Gmail all the way
They're trying to make me move service just for features which I already have?

Seems like much hassle for no reason to me.
I used to be a microsoft whore and for the past 5 years I am now a Google whore, that's just not going to change
Gmail is too integrated into android.. Microsoft tends to not play well with others in general. I gave up outlook years ago and have not looked back. I have one outlook account because I I am forced to but, I push it to my Gmail account anyway.. 
Tried it and thank you. Will stick with GM
No. Xbox is the only reason I have a hotmail (now outlook).
I didn't even know outlook still existed...
...oh, you were serious?
Nah. I'm not considering that at all.
To quote the ever-prescient Magic 8-Ball, "Outlook not so good."
I'm partial to Gmail and other Google products... Right up there with Apple products.
I'd LOVE to see some Apple/Google product developed...
Not a snowballs chance is hell. Gmail is everything email should be and offers by far the best email experience the Internet has to offer both on the Web or through the app. </rant>
xXy wood u advertise 4 that on google plusXx ;) =D
Hell no, been using outlook for a while and even though it's an improvement on Hotmail/Live, it is still not a patch on Gmail!
Enough.. I have to deal with my company's Microsoft mail server. The MS technology doesn't even close enough compares to gmail.
So my answer was HELL NO!
I won't add my headache by using another Microsoft product
The Blinds leading the Blinds.
Seriously? It took you 7 years to copy half the good stuff and now you proclaim to be better. 
I just threw up a little in my mouth...
I thought this was sponsored Microsoft spam in my feed. At least they are trying. 
Not !!! Why go with a proprietary system.
I'm Google’s fan but also fascinated by Microsoft's tiles theme 
I will switch when they have a fully integrated solution for another platform, other than Windows Phone 8.
greg s
Hope it's better than hotmail.
aaron w
pff i won't. bing is HORRYBUL
I think it depends what the person is looking for when deciding which email to use. I use both. Love it. 
Where do they get the confidence from?
aaron w
+1 if you're SOOO not gonna switch.
I like the UI on msft sky drive. But I'm not switching to outlook.
Why would I leave Gmail with its awesome 2 factor authentication to go to something far less secure.. 
Microsoft?  Thanks.  That's all I needed to know.  I'll stick with Google.
"Micro-" is the key part of the name Microslop. So tiny. So insignificant.
Even though there are a few features that make it viable I'm still not convinced fully to switch. I still maintain 2 accounts and only time can tell if/when that happens. It's a great step forward for Microsoft though!
The only product Microsoft has that is anywhere close to leading the pack is Office. I have a feeling they'll screw that up soon too. 
I share the discontent with Microsoft at the moment.
I'm going to take this opportunity to PASS on yet another "free" email account and stay with Google. Sorry Microsoft!
It is now more than 4 months and their calendar has not been updated yet, and its look is hideous as before.
The difference between the two system is that the mircosoft system does not always work.  There is no mircosoft complaint system.  My Hotmail email forwarding system just stopped working 12 days ago.  The microsolf forum is baffled.  This is not the first time HOtmail.Outlook/Windows Live Mail has let me down
I switched TO Gmail thanks to  Hated the interface.
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