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Seems like they are doing everything they can to piss their users off though.
What?  Twitter is vastly older than G+.  Wouldn't it be the other way around?  
Erik H.
I like how +TechCrunch tried (in a pitiful excuse for a headline... seriously, what 12-year-old writes your copy?) to make an article about +Twitter relate to +Google+.
I wonder if I'm considered as an active user on Twitter. I do tweet maybe once per month. 
Twitter is more a consumption product, with fewer posters, lots of readers. Not the same thing as Google+ or Facebook, in my opinion.
Is anyone else skeptical of the growth figures? What qualifies as an 'active' user? Reminds me of an Enron terminology. 
Active user... as in actively spamming? 
Oh my, reading that Twitter is coming for Google+ would have been really upside-down just 12 months ago :D
Meh, they're not really competitors.
I prefer Google+ more to the content that just 140 characters and the comments are easier to see. 
I find the title of this post rather funny. Its probably the first one ever that suggests G+ is on the lead, and Twitter has to play catch up.
+John MacDougall I like G+ for those reasons, but right now Twitter is where the most people I talk to are at. Twitter is also better for conversing while G+ is better for making a long post like a discussion topic and people can comment on it.  They're both great but for different purposes.
I am a consumer of twitter content. I hardly post.
News, organisations etc.
As for Google +, it's different, I post comments now and again.
The audience for both social medium bodies are different, I think....
I'm happy using both G+ and Twitter, they serve different purposes.
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