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NRA’s new first-person shooter for ages 4+ profits from assault weapons upgrades...

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Just play Black Ops or any other Fps and you will find that way too many little kids are on there. Hmm wonder who's fault that is?
weren't they just bitching about video games?
/facepalm video game violence doesn't create real violence ffs. Bad parenting is bad parent, stop using games as the scapegoat. 
Clay Shaw
Agreed, +Jason Nichols. I grew up playing Wolfenstein, all the Doom games, and more recently, Battlefield, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, and many more. I have not killed, nor shot anyone. I do not even own a gun. Video games are not the problem. Shitty parents are.
The difference between this and most FPS is that the NRA version doesn't involve shooting at people. 
Its not video games or tv violence has been going on since the beginning of time, it's just now we have video phone cameras, media sitting in Hot spots waiting for something to happen, and dont get me started on the internt, think about it back in the day all we had was the 10 o'clock news and the paper the next day, if you missed it oh Well.
+Clay Shaw there's really no solid evidence that video games can induce gun violence; perhaps, another scapegoat...
I don't think it's about parenting.  Bad parenting may lead to petty crime and/or drug use, but taking a life requires something more fundamentally wrong. It seems to be either body chemistry or trauma causing mental illness and our country is embarrassingly bad at handling mental illness.
+Matt Mallory I say bad parenting because yes it takes mental illness to take another person's life, it's the parents job to notice signs of mental illness in their children and take the appropriate steps to ensure they are treated accordingly. Instead, some parents live in denial and choose to ignore it and hope it fixes itself. 
+Jason Nichols Parents are often left completely helpless while their child gets deeper and deeper into their illness because our country doesn't have the infrastructure to support the parents and provide assistance for the child.  In the case of Sandy Hook I understand the "kid" Lanza had a mental illness and the mom was going to take him to a facility and that was the spark that started his horrendous crimes.
This is clearly age discrimination; I see no logical reason to prevent 3 year olds from playing this video game.
Its a lack of knowledge. When people find themselves excusing there part in a community its due to a lack of knowledge.
+Matt Mallory whilst I agree about the lack of infrastructure in particular just general knowledge on identifying symptoms but I have to agree with +Jason Nichols in that, we live in a society where we think everything will just work itself out, I think allot of parents do notice the things going on with their kids but don't know how to talk to them about it and more importantly just don't have the energy to do something about it, due to work, bills, health and life in general. Its no excuse but I can see where most parents are coming from in that perspective, hell I'm single and I struggle to keep my own life in check
lack of knowledge  there are two types of knowledge. Where hell we can make excuses, knowledge of good and bad.
2nd knowledge is the knowledge of God.
I think nobody will purely blame playing video games as THE cause for any of these horrible shootings happened (ok, some will do, but... - btw.: I you would lose some of your children this way, you would like to look for any kind of simple truth). Although if some of the commentators would not like to hear it, I think it can play a role to decrease the doorstep for letting the inner aggression explode. It's not simply an illness or a trauma (btw. a trauma has some cause very often laid in early childhood by abuse...). So the question is: Has a society (and for me society means community, neighborhood, the public - not some governmental institution) the responsibility to teach children in a responsive way to handle weapons and to differentiate between fiction and reality or not? And are children with ages of 4 even able to differentiate this way? I suggest to ask a child psychologist...
I don't see why so many are butthurt about this. I already watched "Friday the 13th" series when I was 4 years old, the one with Jason Vorhees, turns out I didn't grow up to be a psycopath.
I am honestly getting really sick of this debate. Violent video games no more turn you into a violent person than email turns you into a calligrapher.
Why do parents think games make you evil? Get the MythBusters to investigate!
Oh yes I wonder why parents stop me from running in front of a car?
A shoot-'em-up NRA game with a low age threshold. LOL Man, the NRA loves 'em guns! What kills me (no pun intended) is that many in the NRA think violent video games desensitize youth to real-life violence ... but they make a game for ages 4+ ... in other news, there are loonybin right-wing Republican wingnuts making death threats to family members of the victims of the Connecticut school shooting because they believe it's a hoax perpetrated by the White House, so that the White House can more easily do a national ban on military-grade assault guns (?). Of course, these wingnuts are vehemently against gun control, but guess what they would likely use to carry out their death threats: GUNS! SMH... no wonder they're against a ban or any kind of gun control... Man oh man... anyway, the game will probably sell a tonne of copies, because of its authenticy, being released by the NRA. Personally, I think this is absolutely the wrong way for the NRA to try to make its point. What if the next massive shooting was by a deranged person who directly cites this game as his or her 'inspiration'? Even though there are a million other shooting games out there, it would be terrible PR for the NRA.
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