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and when it does... u know the result
Please hurry. I'll be one of the first in line.
Quit talking and start taking money.
It's not about the money you fucking jackass the reason Google is awesome. Google understands it is about the science the scientist is a gift to Humanity
Google is going to start networks. Well it eliminates the middle man. Just waiting on that driverless car now... 
Its called marijuana, smoke some you might chill out +amy mayhan and awesome Google I'll also be waiting in line! 
The best news I have read today.
Dat Chu
+Anthony Vallejo do you use a Windows computer? Perhaps you subscribe to one of the big two wireless networks in America? Do you own an iDevice? Perhaps driving a car? I am just a bit confused by "powerful"
They got sick of waiting for white space... Now they are just creating their own!!
Is anyone else scared that google will take a little money from their endless river of money and start a new country then build up an army to conquer the world and force universal worship of the "GOOGLE"
+amy mayhan you call someone a fucking jackass then preach humanity? Did you have an extra large bowl of bitch for breakfast today?
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