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Quit Instagram, they said. They’re selling your photos, they said. -

"The real world: Quit, verb, to leave (a place), usually permanently.

The internet: Quit, verb, to threaten to leave as loudly as possible, usually over something stupid, then do nothing."
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Joe LB
I don't regret it, at all.
Instagram? I have an account, don't use it.
Even though they clarified the TOS, I still feel like quitting. Anyone uses Snapseed with Google+ regularly? I'm thinking on replacing it with that. 
Well, - do as we like you to do, -or we wont use your free-to-use-wares! :)
My favourite part about this article is when it ridicules people for falling into the hysteria that +TechCrunch  actually helped to incite with their original article. I read because I'm unhappy. I'm unhappy because I read...
This guy talks all that shit about users of these services. Talks down to the reader, then discloses that he owns shares of Facebook? GTFOH, your words carry little weight.

People don't think these companies are to get them, you stupid fuck. People are tired of these companies trying to find new ways of selling personal content and information to third parties to make more money. Ever heard of the word Trust? Ever heard of the word greed?

We, the People, make Facebook and Instagram what they are. Without us, they'd just be a bunch of code and a URL.

We, the People, are willing to part ways with some privacy, but when that trust is abused, the People retaliate. Some more than others.

So to the writer of this article... Get your mind right before you ever decide to write another article about a company (or parent company) that you dick-ride and own stock in.

Just saying...
We have to pay for instagram over here in Kuala Lumpur
Pixlr Express is a great app as well
I love instagram filter effects so its going to be hard to quit instagram
Signed up for the new Flickr app the other day. Especially liking the filters and possibility to save my Flickr photo to camera roll. Hoping Yahoo has learned of old privacy blunders...
+Victor M. Chico "Instashit". That's a nice expression. A couple of years ago I quit FB. Never used the Instashit. And I also don't use filters on my photographs. I like better the world as it really looks.
Suckers got sucked into either Facebook or Instagram or both. Good thing I waited for Google to save the day with Goggle+.
+Victor M. Chico Google is just as bad, except they told us from the beginning when they modified their policy and privacy terms.. we cannot opt out of everything, only some stuff.. notice how we get ads of our interest that tracks where we've been or stores we're near.. but I rather be on Google then with a third party who pulls a stunt like this.. they had to know people were going to have a problem with this.. it goes to show you, companies do not care about our privacy !! Basically, supporting identity theft and so on -_- ... 
They said they wouldn't use the photos for ads. Awww, isn't that sweet? Then why did they add it to their terms and conditions?

... I think +TechCrunch has turned all naive on us...

As for me: I deleted my Instagram account yesterday. 
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