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Cars are the next playground for app developers
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 I bet they will make a law banning Angry Birds while driving like cell phones lol
This will cause accidents.  Sorry.
Good idea!  Off to MorningStar!
I agree it will cause people to get killed.
I wish I could pre-sue them for the accidents that are bound to happen from this stupid idea.  I could be rich.
True enough, Jake.  Unfortunately, instead they invented the Never Mind Pill, and have been making very liberal use of it.  :p
Worder why they have to make the ui design so "futuristic" there's too much going on. Also from a safety point of view, shouldn't the buttons be a bit more legible?
That dashboard design makes me cringe. 
Touch screens in a car seem like a really bad idea. 
Great!! As if people talking on their phones and texting while driving aren't distractions enough. 
Or the playground for even better mobile websites!
Did anybody actually read the article? The majority of the apps are radio and gps mapping alternatives. We've had some of these options for years and decades. Chances are they will include voice automation as well.
Bring it driving is boring does it come with a joy stick?
+Carlos Lugo May be that would be next target for "Hardware developers" to develop "a-bluetooth-steering".. :O :)
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