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ok - how many was sold then? 1, 10, 100 or?
maybe they only have two on stock...
They only had 5 to start with and all 5 "sold" to employees of Microsoft.
Reality meet pinch of salt. Go make salty fun together.
Yes, I ordered as soon as it was made available online! Glad I waited, and obsessively hit the F5 until it became available.
Tom Plx
It is becoming a new habit to shorten stocks, thus creating a scarcity aspect ?

Well, Surface pro seems to be a good device, still a bit overpriced ? 
+Tom Plx Not at all overpriced, especially for what it is capable of doing.
Yeah, +Simon Cousins but Google didn't anticipate the "unprecedented" demand for the nexus!

Surface Pro being sold out I suspect is down to the poor RT sales and Microsoft not wanting to look like complete idiots in making the biggest mistake in computing history TWICE in as many months. By short ordering/trying the age old marketing ploy of Oh its sold out so it must be in demand! they give themselves time to guage demand. Will it work? Time will tell.

I wanted a Surface Pro, but 3 to 4 hours battery and over a grand quickly extinguished that little fire. Give me 10 or 11 hours minimum and half the price and I'm in. Oh and stick ol Win 8 on a diet while you're at it, I know it's an American OS but ffs slim it down a bit Microsoft. It's 2013 NOT 1993.
L am
Only if :
10 hours +
The rest same.
Extra with a spen
Beats all!
+Lam H.N I would like a link to a device that has an i5 processor, touch screen w/ pen and palm cancellation, and weighs as little as the Surface with Windows Pro does, for $499. I'm going to assume the RAM matches, as few computers have less than 4 GB these days.
Kill RT.. Just make surfaces.... at RT prices with better batteries... then I'll get one.... AND IT WILL BE AWESOME...
L am
It will be a game changer if ms can pull that off... but next round, ms should focus on battery. 10 hours can turn most heads!
+Lam H.N A 512GB SSD costs $400+ (and would require a second mSATA slot) and an HDD would make an already thick device even thicker, not to mention slower than molasses. I'm sure many people would love to have a $1600 device for $500, but it doesn't exactly make good business sense to sell it.

I'll grant that the price isn't particularly competitive, though. At $799 and $899 with the cover included, Microsoft would have something really special here. As it is, it just seems like a more expensive Acer W700 with worse battery life.
Do they have the same sales managers as google? Did they built only twelve pieces like nexsucks?
I hate when people report that things are sold out instead of reporting how many were sold. It's like having a commercial where you say Bing gives search results than Google but never actually showing the screen with the results.
I don't really get it. If I needed a full OS why in the world would I buy a surface? I could just buy a netbook. But I only need a device that I can spend roughly the whole day on it without the need to charge. Why calll it a tablet when its obviously a laptop?
Will be a nice addition along side my android devices. ;-) I tried out the surface rt and it zero issues. But with all the pro's specs, this will be awesome. ;-) 
Still doesn't make me want it. 16gb N7 + cloud and I'm good
al v
I feel like selling my custom desktop PC and my alienware m11x and get the surface pro
+al v
 But you have to sell more. You have to buy some extra HDD, extra battery, and probably a decent keyboard.
Don't miss it, you'll be the first and The Only One in town.
These tech companies must love the medias stock response to create front page headlines whenever there is an artificial stock shortage. Though I guess they got it from the record labels of old each time an artist said 'will be my last album' 
This is a lie no way 900 pricetag ppl buy that inferior product . for 900 i can get i7 laptop with discrete gpu.they said the samething about RT see what happened.
+Riki Ballantyne that would be nice and i'm sure that will come, but Intel just developed the fast processor + low wattage solution that we will most likely see in the next version of the Surface - but that is purely speculation.  Who really knows what direction MS will go.  I don't think Intel has even released these processors yet.  Keep in mind the size of the device and the weight as well.  I'm sure they will have maybe a dock or something with a keyboard that has an extended battery in it.

I love all of the Surface Pro haters who never even used one.

I'm definitely interested in this product.
al v
+Darko Bednjanec well I was thinking on getting around 800 for the PC and laptop and I put the rest in cash , I just love of reliable and compatible windows is, specially windows 8. I'm talking about my real life experience , win8 runs faster on my alienware , everything's opens without any extra software and If I connect a device is ready to use in a couple minutes
Surface RT "sold out" in 30 minutes. This thing is selling even less if that's even possible!
+Darko Bednjanec Microsoft is the most abject company on earth, they know all the dirty tricks and nothing is too immoral to them. They would skin kittens alive if that allowed them to sell more licences. No standards, no ethics.
I work for Staples. Most stores in my district only got 1 sellable unit, and most sold out within the first hour we were open.
+Matt Terk Halloween documents, astroturfing, countless FUD campaigns, bullying and ultra anticompetitive strategies.

When Linux was a small puppy they put all the weight of their company to try and squash it. They kick little guys when they are down, they discredit them when they grow up. The more you read about what they do, the sicker you feel.
+Robert Fletcher Surface has the feeling of a rushed product that they hadn't even thought of producing until the last moment.

RT is actually a really good device when it works as it is supposed to. Therein lies the problem, it seriously suffers due to having a hacked up version of Win8 on it. It goes from smooth and enjoyable to sluggish and unbearable in the blink of an eye.

Pro version 1 is a complete waste of time money and energy IMHO and shame on Microsoft for using and attempting to fleece its fanbase. Any first time buyers are being used as a test bed for a new product and that is a very dangerous business strategy. One that could come back and ultimately bite them hard.

I would consider myself as being part of the target audience for Surface Pro, yet I fail to see why I would want to buy one outside of curiosity. I also don't see too many companies rushing out and buying a job lot of devices for their IT professionals either. But this is exactly the sort of client that Microsoft is supposedly catering with this device NOT some iFan or Fandroid. Microsoft actually alluded to the fact that RT was for the casual audience and Pro was supposedly for serious business users.

RT is now dead in the water due to greed and a lack of foresight on the part of Microsoft. It should have been priced at around the 250-350 mark to do two things. First, gain a foothold in a very popular field. Second and probably more important, to get everyone not just using but also thinking and talking about Win8! Now all the pressure is placed on Pro and I cannot see how it will deliver. Unfortunately :(
+Flavio Zanda You're aware that Microsoft is one of the top 20 contributors to the Linux kernel, right?
+Jordan Pitts do you realise how much damage Microsoft has done to the open source movement? Also do you realise how the majority of Linux contributions comes from odd submits and not from any single company/entity?
+Riki Ballantyne What I don't understand is why this is not marketed to the people that really could use it: Students.  Taking notes in handwriting/directly on powerpoint slides is an incredible tool.  Why do these guys not market as such? 

Apple convinced students that they need an iPad? The thing is worthless for schoolwork.  Why not market this with its strengths???
+Matt Terk ask Ballmer. Tbh, looking at the Microsoft product track record they do kinda suck at marketing and product development. Successes? Xbox but even that suffered with the rrod issue, kinect and er, anyone? Failures? The Internet isn't big enough to list lol. 
Whats it got like 8GB of user space nice job MS say it with me nice and slow f..a...i.....l.... Nice job Steve. 
I love how everyone saying the Surface sucks has probably never tried one. I was skeptical as hell about the RT but I persevered and it's absolutely brilliant. I'm seriously considering selling my laptop and RT to get one of these. 
+Jeremy Caron apparently you don't know who Steve Balmer is big Microsoft fan are you? We all know its been a big joke about how limited the storage is on slates late to the party are you. Calling people trolls that is cool. +Otávio Müller thanks for the useful info I was just joking but the MS fanboys dont do jokes I guess. Nothing funny about the surface I guess 
I'm not a MS fan boy at all, but I'm sane enough to realise it doesn't matter who is involved at a board level. MS could have made more and shifted an unknown quantity more. They didn't, and so the stock sold out. The estimates were conservative and that's the story. If I invented a product, chances are I wouldn't have a clue how many would sell either. Well done to MS for exceeding their expectations. Good job.
Yeah right. How to create fake buzz. Nobody's buying that crap. With all the bad reviews and high price. 
+Stuart Stephen seriously mate it isn't that hard. I throw the same accusations the way of Google and the nexus fiascos. Both companies have access to billions of potential buyers by way of many different avenues. All they need do is put out an ad somewhere online giving the specs, price etc and asking for a show of hands to who would be interested and it will be picked up and redistributed across the entire web within seconds. They can then either take pre-orders/place holders or run the numbers through a computer program which will give them projected sales based on interest.

Small businesses have to do shit like this on a daily basis. Usually by way of getting out amongst the public with a pad and pen and asking awkward questions. Its called market research!

There is NO excuse for demand/supply cock ups from these guys.
I want one of these. This will be my next computer
"The local Best Buy sold out too, but only received one unit." Wow!
+Flavio Zanda You do realize you have provided no information... just a bunch of buzz words about "evil corporations"

Maybe they have done something wrong, but I am astounded with the blind hatred my generation has for corporations
Sold or sent to poor kids in africa on unicefs budget.
Odd I am sitting here at the store holding one. Sold out must mean something different to Microsoft. 
Clearly a low amount were produced.
Nope, and neither did anyone else in the world that I know. I guess they only made 3. This is probably even less significant than the Nexus 4 selling out in minutes, 30 times ( really happened).  

Get a clue, Windows 8 is DOA. Always has been, always will be. 
#fail   #windows8fail   #microsoftsucks  
They appear to be using Sony's marketing strategy for the PS3! Lmao!

Except, for obvious reasons like quality, it works for Sony but will be a another MS fail.
The 128 gig version is really 28 gig?
That's just because all the tech journalists are getting them to review and then sell on ebay 
I like to buy this for my future business!
+Dino L you know you can uninstall that recovery partition? It gives you 8gb back. +Arry Areizaga how much space do you get on a 128gb ipad for the same price? Why do I even read these posts... 
Jay B
Bill gates bought them all. 
Nah, bought a Chromebook instead
People need to stop comparing it to a tablet. Instead, compare it to an ultra book laptop...
some people just cannot accept the fact that a lot of people still prefer Windows...
sells out? Which is more likely, Microsoft planned poorly or publicity stunt?
does it also work only 2-3 on battery? them why the fuck would I need one?
They are buying them to resale on ebay to some impatient suckers willing to pay extra to be first kid on the block to have Zunface bragging rights. 
Surface pro is overpriced. I would rather take a lenovo yoga and for outdoor needs, I have my Android tablet. 
I love all the anti MS posts.. Fricken fanboys.
Pointless article if there are no figures on how many of each were sold.
Well it official Apple's Ipad is screwed.
They launched it again? 
so all microsoft had to do was pay the "TechCrunch" to say this ? cuz they think it will boost their sales? 
The surface pro meets the business needs that cannot be met by any other device. The iPad cannot run the windows business apps, the desktop isn't mobile, the surface can be both and is of a high quality build.
Sell out doesn't mean it is doing well, look at Nexus 4 for example, it is going well, but far from being the most popular smartphone.

Also just wondering, if all tech site just review the 64gb independently, would it receive 0/10 for usability? Since the storage space is almost nonexistent? At least for any intel powered computers.
Don't people who buy these '128Gb' MS tablets feel like they have been fleeced when they find out there is only 83Gb free?
Great because tablets are no longer a compromise to 'proper computing'. 'One device' works for Mobiles, since you always have your Camera & Sat Nav to hand. Yes compromises are made but still a perfectly capable job. It will be nice to have a tablet at hand with a REAL Computer. Couldn't get one if I tried. I'd have to import it from the US myself (that's if I could get hold of one there). Yes slow to market but good things come & excel in the end. Does everyone educate themselves in differences between RT's & PRO's? Probably not. Hell few people in the UK have even had the chance or need yet to try Windows 8 let alone with a touch screen. The kit just doesn't exist until it's manufactured & then embraced. Plenty of bizarre word of mouth reviews & industry reports when hardly anyone has seen hide nor hair of product let alone field tested it. It will all come out in the wash in the end. Price is usually reflected by demand for items. Production is one thing. Mass production is another. Storage is going 'cloud', as is office by the very nature of the beast. Google is aware of that. Storage spaces kinda 'raids' any USB 3 drives you want to plug into one of these things, & don't forget the micro SD card slot.
+Nigel Uno Well you just took it out of context, 1810gb and 30gb or 83gb makes a huge difference,

taking $100 from $100 million dollars feels different to $50 out of $100
+Bo King I did kinda mention that in the tl:tr posts :P its okay, this thread has gone like the sales of Surface - missing the point and dead as a dodo lol
Why do some many people be Negative about Microsoft products? Ok, they have had some problems however this tablet looks really good and performance is very respectable. Hey, just remember Apple was always so great in delivery products remember the Newton!! As a matter of fact I thought they were can to give the tablet name to Newton instead of iPad! Ipad ... what an ipad?
Yes. They had 2 in Stock. .. Just to make sure they got the headlines. .. and still I've if them had to be bought by steve balmer ;)
Haters will always hate. It is always in their nature to be negative towards a product they don't support.
I am no hater. . But i do dislike Microsoft anticompetitive behavior and mindbending blunders in terms of os releases. 
What about the people who want to support it but are being pushed away by dumb hardware/pricing choices?

Here's a new interweb ism for you. Likers gonna hate also!
You guys do know that Microsoft measures Hard Drive space in Megi or Gigibytes rather then your usually Mega or Gigabyte.Just look it up on Youtube or just plug in you hard drive into a Mac or Linux and you'll see that it has the space available that you paid for.
After disliking the tv commercial, do not think I could buy one.
+Morris Buel I'm a power user, I've been on computers since the beginning of computers. Your expectation is that everything function to the learning curve of the the ipad. That doesn't make it a fail, but that only means that you failed to look around. It's not hiding, it's right there. You simply didn't look in the charms bar.
As for the interface, at first I didn't like it either and also wanted my start button back. Once I realized this was the new start button, everything made sense.

I still don't think your statement about power users holds water. There is nothing in the os that can't be done, hence power users will find and use it.

Perhaps your definition of power user needs an update. 
not yet enough for MS employees
So disappointed with all this "out of stock" bs..was looking forward to purchasing a pro yesterday. Now I feel like I'm being suckered in to buying a product that I already wanted. Guess I can get that yoga by tomorrow..least it in stock!!
I need one.they seem amazing from the pics i seen
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