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Google updates its home page with a vigil candle for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting -
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Good job +Google and God bless the victim's families, the teachers, all the people who helped, and the people that died.
God bless!And how about MS Bing?
yes may god bless all the fallen i can figure what is wrong with this people that shoot
It is very sad I don't even have except I hope they find the strength to move forward. I have six kids I would be completely broken if I even lost one of my children 
But on another note this is one of the few post I see about this on google+ this is all that's on my Facebook 
Truly saddened by today's events. My heart goes out to the families that were effected. 
+Bo Norris That's a fundamental difference between this place and FB. I think more or less everyone here knows what has happened over there. But as I seek news about Android I would not find it relevant to post a message here about this tragic event. Google+ for me is about searching information and maybe commenting on that. FB can be about emotions. They are so different.
+Bo Norris I`m sorry, your post caught my attention, so let me elaborate on two points a bit
1) It's a tragedy, yes, but it's mainly an american tragedy and not everyone is from America. And even if it were my own country's tragedy, I still come go google+ to get entertainment, not cry. I would read news, if I wanted to know more about what happened there and mention how sad it is and how guns need to be controlled.
2) The shootings weren't as frequent before media started catching up on it. I was bullied at school too, but I never had even the slightest idea of killing someone at school, before I heard in media about shooting in America. Thankfully, I was smart not to give into that crap and I lived happily ever after. However, not everyone is so strong and more of that you can read on you Facebook.

So anyhow, you want to make the world a better place? Send a card to the mourning families and SHUT UP ABOUT THAT.

Least that's my opinion, you are welcome to disagree.
كيف الحال يا طيبين انشالله 😍😘༻بـٓــخٍَّيْر༺😘😍 
Google is so cool and inturesting
Bravo Zulu to Google for recognizing the victims of this horrific crime.
that is not cool it is not on mine now.
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