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ArtKive lets you take photos of your kids’ art, then tag it with their name, grade, date, and title. Would you use this?
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I have been doing this for years using no app (for much less than $500k)
It looks nice, but it's not exactly tackling a big problem.

It's interesting how they're creating value by restricting themselves to such a narrow audience. Their product could easily be generalized into a service that lets you take a photo of anything, include notes about it, share it, and print it out in a book or a mug -- but then there wouldn't be anything special about it.
+Holly Homer and will ArtKive be around 20 or 30 years later when it's fun to look at this stuff??  This has got to be the dumbest idea I've heard in a while.  Dammit people, just write the date on the back of it and stick it in a box.
How is this different than just taking a picture and saving it your computer/G+/instagram/picasa/500px/etc/etc.. 
bkan umurnya yang panjang tapi hidupnya yang panjag
I feel like this would become outdated quickly and when you actually wanted to show your kids this when they grew up, you wouldn't be able to find it.
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