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What's the diff between Spotify and Pandora?
Spotify you can pay a monthly charge and download the music you want. Make your own playlists as well as just listen to music via radio which is there only free service ..
Spotify is free on desktops. What is different from Pandora is where Pandora is a radio service where it chooses music for you, Spotify is more about on-demand music.
+Brandon Williams with Spotify you decide, with Pandora, they decide. What music you should listen to that is.

There is a radio functionality in Spotify as well of course.
I'm a live music fan. I haven't look for quite a while, but I don't recall either Pandora or Spotify having much to offer me.
Don't forgot the pittance that Spotify pays in royalties to the artists that agree to put their work up.
I both paid services and as much as I loved Pandora, Spotify wins hands down.
+Dean Barnett +Mark Permsuvan I'd advise against Grooveshark because they pay zero licensing fees. It's pirated music that stays legal because of a loophole in the DMCA. Basically they have a week or two to comply with DMCA takedown requests, but the community is so big it fills in those gaps even faster. The fringe of legality. And your favorite musicians are being screwed out of royalties.
+Dean Barnett there are a host of live shows on Spotify that are released by the artists (phish, dead,etc.) but the functionality across platforms while supporting the artists @spotify has it going on. My guess, you're a supporter of Soundcloud, etree, sugarmegs, panicstream, among others and if not give them a go, they're legal and awesome. Love what Spotify is doing. Xymonic is a great mobile alternative (to Spotify, rdio, MOG, pandora) but not entirely sure it's legal (tons of albums, no ads).
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