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If you could have ONE gadget that you don't have already, what would it be?
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Nokia N900
I know it's older now, but I really enjoyed the N810
Nothing decent that warrants a "want" at the mo +1 on the google glasses tho
Canon 5D Mark III with EF 24-70mm f/2.8L kit.
We kinda want jetpacks here at the office.
Wait, if the sky's the limit, then give me Serenity!
A delorean if it has a working flux capacitor. But since I would then have to generate 1.21 gigawats of power to run it, I think I'll go with Google glass
nexus 4, because i'm still using a blackberry
A fully operational Cherry 3000
that sony in the picture. always wanted one
I pretty much have everything I need, but if I have to pick just one thing then perhaps the new iPod touch or a Kindle?
probably Microsoft surface. Would like to see what it's all about
MacBook Air. And I would gladly donate my MacBook Pro to a worthy person.
Google's driver-less car, but that Palm Treo (?) in the photo is tempting.
Time machine (I know, a bit extravagant.)
wow gadgets phenge naman nyan kht yang tablet lng'
PH Lee
Samsung Galaxy Note!
HTC one x+ or their butterfly tablet
on of the umpc would be a nice gadget to play with :P
huh.. amazing....!!!!!! buy 1 free 5...
anything that can play games.......
Transparent phone used by Tony Stark!
Lisa S
I like the jet packs, or some kind of flying machine that one could make w/o going broke.
bilal b
Any google or Apple product
Lol I like this post
Waiting for the Nexus 7 3g. Just a few more days! Yahoo!

bayar mas not wanna it tok lo mas heheheh..
Nexus 10, with the best display in the world and mind-boggoling high benchmarks.
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