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I'd have to have it to have trouble downloading it.
My iPhones arnt downloading it. 
Mmm so you use wifi to download a bug fix on wifi ;)?
This is an amazing update. It just works! Thank you Apple for making my iPhone 5 even better. Now if I could just have a 4.7" screen, change my default browser, change my default mail program, change my default maps app, alternative keyboards, widgets, toggles, and expandable storage, it would be perfect! Looking forward to 6.0.3..
No problems here...I forgot, I have a Galaxy Nexus. My bad...
LOL Apple what happend to you after Steve Jobs loss going very poor 
Rob M
Droid FTW :)
Maybe they can ask Google to fix this for them too lol 
This"fix" didn't work for my wife's i5 just 4 days after getting it for Christmas... Note I'm having to change my wpa2 settings (airport extreme) to accommodate that device and we still don't know if it works. This is such a disappointment for her I'm sure and she won't say it because of hour much I rip on this device
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