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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 poses with baby brother Galaxy Note II, shows off its S-Pen -
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Will it sell as well as the iPad Mini?
I feel like Samsung just pumps new devices out too fast. I hadn't even heard about this new Note.
its amazing!! i want.. but i no moneyy.. please, give me
looks like a speaker at the top and a telephone icon on the screen, does this thing double as a giant mobile phone ?
Alex K
So now there's :

9-11" tablets.

7-8" tablets.

5-6" phablets.

4" phones.

Too much devices ._.
Well, I wanted a Note tablet, but the 10" was to big for me. Maybe I will buy the 8".
Just got my note 2 i think samsung is great but their devices are coming out too quick
Why? I love my Note 10.1 but even that still isn't notebook sized! Where are the 12 inch tablets?!
Really looking forward to this.
I wouldn't mind using it as a tablet or a phone at the same time, but why didn't they fill the screen up like how they did to the note 2? Now it looks like a cheap toy with a small hard button. 
Finally, a tablet that I can really be excited about! The right size with the right features. Goodbye, notebooks and pencil. 
+Samnang Chum The bezel is necessary. You can hold the Note 2 in your palm. Can't really do that with an 8 inch tablet. 
I have a Galaxy Note 2 and a Galaxy Note 10.1, I want one of these! Am I nuts? I don't care.
Love Samsung and really loving my Note II and impatiently waiting on Note III
I love Samsung but that physical button is ugly. I wonder why Samsung opted for that instead of on screen buttons. :(
When Samsung released their first Galaxy Tab, I heard that the international version doubled as a phone. However, when coming to the US, the 4 monopolies (carriers) stripped that functionality away from it. So yes, this does double as a phone internationally, but it will only be an 8 inch android tablet here is the US.

Just watch.
MS puts digitizer tech in Surface Pro screen... Why not more people talking about this? It's a huge, huge step forward in turning phones/tablets into complete solutions for pocket computing. I want this 8-inch Note badly.
Ryan R.
A tablet with physical navigation keys, terrible:D
It may be ok on phone but on tablet?
Even the nexus 7 which is designed to be used in portrait mode doesn't have a physical home/navigation keys. What's with Samsung imposing that design language on all of their devices lately LoL.:D 

I love the 8" form factor and s pen capability, but the physical nav keys is a deal breaker for me. I know many people love it though. 
dont go with samsung its rubish ...... they believe in quantity not qual ... I suffer every time when I got any device of samsung its rubbish 
The note 2 is an awesome device. I have had the device for 3 months now. Dont waste your money on a sinking ship apple product. Apple will never be the giant they once were. The iphone 5 is not the phone that customers were looking for. Apple always short there customers. Why is google products fully compatible sinkable and seemless with a mac.
Iphone not so much sinkable and compatible with pc.
Dont get me wrong apple still make a good device. Google stepped there game up and now apple will have to play catch up. 
Anyone who says Samsung isnt a good device has not clue what they are talking about. I have tested all devices and phones out. I have had adequate training on all of the device
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